20 Year Term Insurance

Are you looking for a 20 year term insurance policy at low rates?

What is 20 years term insurance? It’s temporary life insurance for a period of 20 years.


Example of 20 year term life insurance:

$250,000 20-year policy for $400 per year. You pay $400 in premiums per year for $250,000 of coverage. If you die during the 20 year period, your beneficiary receives the $250,000 death benefit. If you are alive after the 20 year term ends your life insurance expires and you have no coverage.

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A 20 year level term life insurance policy provides you with a level amount of life insurance coverage for 20 years, and the premium stays the same each year, also.

Twenty year term insurance guaranteed your rate for your life insurance policy will remain the same for the entire 20 year period of time. Many people use 20 or 30 year term life policies to provide life insurance protection for their family, or to pay off the mortgage loan on their home.


Why Choose a 20 Year Term Insurance Policy?

There are many reasons people choose to buy a 20 year term policy. The most common is to provide replacement of income for the main bread-winner in a family with young children. But, since term life offers low rates, you may want to consider a term life policy on both spouses in a family. It would cost quite a bit to pay for all of the things a home-maker does to take care of a family, such as, watching the kids, buying groceries, running errands, cleaning the home, etc.

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20 Year Term Insurance


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