Financial Planning with Life Insurance

Financial planning with life insurance can help you provide financial security for the future of your loved ones.

Are you working on a financial plan for your family? If so, life insurance should be a key part of your plan. 

Why use life insurance in your financial planning? Because, life insurance can provide an affordable way for you to make sure your family is financially secure in case you die.

Life insurance plans can offer a low cost option of replacing your income and helping your family maintain its style of living even if you are no longer there to provide for them.

The proceeds from a life insurance policy go directly to your beneficiary, which is the person(s) you choose to receive the money paid out as a death benefit from your life insurance. 

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Reasons for Using Life Insurance in Your Financial Plan

  • Protect Your Family’s Future
  • Your Family Can Keep Your Home
  • Provide Funds to Replace Your Income
  • Provide for Your Spouse’s Retirement
  • Maintain Family’s Lifestyle and Standard of Living
  • Provide Funds to Pay off Debt
  • Funds to Pay for Final Expenses


How does Life Insurance provide for my family?

Your beneficiary of your life insurance policy can use the money from your life insurance for any reason, such as, to pay off the outstanding mortgage loan on your family’s home, to pay for living expenses like food, gas, electricity and telephone expenses, as well as, provide money for your child’s college education or your spouse’s retirement.

When developing your financial plan make sure you consider term life insurance that offers the most affordable life insurance protection available.

Term life insurance is low cost coverage for a period of 10, 15, 20 or even 30 years, with rates that are guaranteed to remain the same each year.

Your amount of life insurance stays level each year for the term (duration) of your term life insurance policy.


How much life insurance do I need?

When determining the amount of life insurance you need make sure to use a life insurance need calculator. You just answer some basic questions and instantly receive an accurate estimate of your personal life insurance needs. That way, you won’t pay for more life insurance than you need, and you’ll get as much as is necessary to properly protect your family.


Do You Need Life Insurance on You and Your Spouse?

Yes, you can buy life insurance on yourself and your spouse, and even your children if you choose to do so.

Many couples with children choose to purchase life insurance on both spouses. Whether or not both spouses work even the stay-at-home spouse contributes greatly to a family and to replace those efforts would be costly.

For instance, hiring someone to clean the house, do the grocery shopping, shuttle the kids to and from school and activities, and manage the household would cost quote a bit.


How do I compare rates for life insurance?

Take a few minutes today to compare instant life insurance rates from the leading life insurance carriers. It only takes a few minutes and there’s no obligation on your part. And, if you need assistance, there’s someone to help answer your questions and guide you through the process of finding the right life insurance policy to help protect your family.

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Financial Planning with Life Insurance


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