Fixed Term Life Insurance

What is fixed term life insurance?

It is term life insurance that provides protection for a fixed period of time. Life Insurance is simply about looking after the people most important to you when you're gone.

If you die within the period of coverage, a fixed cash payment could be paid to your loved ones which could help give them valuable time to recover from their loss without worrying about money.

Fixed term periods are available for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years of life insurance protection.

Example: You purchase a $150,000 term life insurance policy for a 15 year period. Whether you die in year three or year fifteen, your beneficiary receives the same amount (i.e., $150,000). If you die even one day after the term and the policy expires, your beneficiary receives nothing.

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Term Life Insurance is "Pure Protection". There is no cash value that builds up inside the policy, so you get the maximum life insurance protection for the lowest cost.

Your rate is guaranteed to remain the same for the entire term of your policy. Your rate won’t increase and your coverage will remain the same for the full term of your life insurance policy.

After your term life policy expires, you have the option of renewing your coverage for another term. You can renew your policy at the new rate based on your age at renewal of your policy.

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Fixed Term Life Insurance Quotes

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