$30,000 Life Insurance

$30000 Simplified Issue Life Insurance


Are you shopping for a $30,000 life insurance policy?

This type of policy is best for those who need life insurance without the hassles or delays of taking a medical examination.

In addition, many people purchase a $30,000 policy to provide funds needed to pay for their final expenses and leave their family members with funds to pay off debts including medical bills, credit cards and other financial obligations.

It can be difficult to find $30,000 of life insurance since most insurance carriers only offer a minimum of $50,000 of life insurance protection.

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$30,000 Life Insurance Policy Features:

Simplified life insurance is a form of term life insurance with premiums that remain level for the entire duration of your policy.

Here are some common features:

  • Term life insurance protection with level premiums
  • Ages 18 to 78
  • Choose from $5,000 up to $100,000 of coverage


$30,000 Life Insurance Coverage – How Do I Qualify?

Unlike a traditional life insurance policy, there is no physical examination and just 3 Yes/No health questions for you to answer.

You simply fill out an application online for coverage and choose your beneficiary who will receive the proceeds from your policy.


$30,000 Life Insurance Policy Cost


What does it cost to buy a life insurance plan with $30,000 of coverage?

The price will depend on your current age, gender, and tobacco use, as well as, your answers to the health questions asked.

If you have health issues, then a guaranteed issue life insurance policy may be your best option. 

You can get a quote today to find out how affordable it can be to get the $30,000 of life insurance protection you need. 


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