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Life Insurance Quotes for Children

Are you shopping for life insurance quotes for children?

Now you can get instant life insurance quotes online for your children. It’s quick and easy. And, there are no hassles, and no need to meet with an agent.

The Globe Young American Plan offers you up to $20,000 of life insurance coverage for your children. There’s no medical exam required, and an easy online application.

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Whether your children are infants, toddlers, pre-teens, or teenagers – You can still get them quality life insurance protection at affordable rates.

Many American families choose life insurance for their children while they’re still young. It provides protection and financial security for their future family by locking-in life insurance protection at a young age.

Life insurance provides financial stability for your children, and it can build cash-value for loans that can be used in the future. The cash value can even help to pay for college expenses, or other future goals of your child.

And, locking-in life insurance protection can guarantee your child future protection for his or her own family one day - No matter if their health changes, or if they work in a high-risk occupation.

In fact, some life insurance plans for children provide guaranteed protection even if they join the military, or they develop a health problem.

You can include a feature to your child’s life insurance policy that will enable him or her to buy more life insurance over the years, when they reach ages 18, 21, or older.

The guarantee issue feature says that if for some reason your child couldn't qualify because of a health issue, the life insurance company is required to issue the agreed amount of additional life insurance. That means you child may be able to increase their coverage when they become 18 or 21, depending on the carrier, even if they have a health problem.

You don’t expect those issues to occur, but you never know what may happen. Providing for your child’s financial security now, and for their future, is a gift they will thank you for today, and in later years when they have their own family.

If you want to get life insurance quotes for children, visit Globe Life Insurance. There’s no physical exam required. And, your child can actually start their life insurance policy today.

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company was established in 1951, and they have more than 4 million policyholders.

Globe Life is rated "A+" (Superior) by AM Best Company for financial strength, 2nd highest of 16 ratings.

Globe Life Insurance provides life insurance quotes for children, and easy, affordable child life insurance plans.

Give your child, children or grandchildren a lifetime gift - The Young American Plan. The best time to start life insurance for your child is when they are young and in good health. A serious illness or injury could make life insurance very expensive, or even unavailable in the future.

Just $1* pays the premium for the first month
for up to $20,000 of life insurance coverage.

The Young American Plan is underwritten by Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company. They are rated "A+" Superior for Financial Strength by A.M. Best, 2nd highest of 16 ratings.

Regardless of your child's future health, occupation, military service or hazardous activities, The Young American Plan will protect your child's ability to be covered by life insurance in the future.

Life Insurance for Children

  • $1* for the first month starts your child's life insurance policy today
  • Up to $20,000 of affordable coverage
  • Create a financial foundation for your child's future
  • Qualify for Life Insurance in their adulthood
  • No Risk - 30 Day Money-back Guarantee

    Give your child or grandchild a head start towards financial security - Get a Globe Young American Plan!

    • Since 1964, millions of Parents Have Started Globe Life Insurance Policies for their Children or Grandchildren.

    Child Life Insurance Quotes

    Life Insurance Quotes for Children


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