Life Insurance Medical Exam Tips

How can I get the best results from my life insurance medical exam?

Here are some easy Life Insurance Medical Exam Tips you can use to help you save money on your life insurance policy and prepare for your medical exam.

  1. Try not to eat for at least 8 hours before the exam (12 hours is even better). Drink lots of water the day before and the day of your medical screening. This will help to ensure the best lab results and the best life insurance rating class.

  2. Undressing is not required. Wear a short sleeve shirt or one that is easy to roll up. This will make it easier to measure your blood pressure.

  3. The best time for your physical is in the morning. If a weekday is not available, schedule the exam for the weekend, but in the morning. You can take your screening in your home or at work, whichever is most convenient for you.

  4. Avoid coffee, tea or other products that contain caffeine for at least 1 day before your screening. Do not smoke or chew tobacco for at least 24 hours before the screening.

  5. The medical screener will ask you questions about your medical history, including medical conditions, surgeries, medications, or other treatments you may have had. You will be asked the names and addresses of physicians and hospitals that have treated you. It would help to gather this information before your screening to save you time.

  6. Avoid nasal decongestants and alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours prior to your screening.

  7. Get lots of rest the night before your life insurance medical exam, and schedule the screening for the least stressful time of day for you. Also, don’t exercise for at least 24 hours before your screening. This could adversely affect your results.

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Life Insurance Medical Exam Tips


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