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Do you want to compare life insurance rates and companies? 

If so, it’s easy to do on the internet. In fact, in just a few minutes you can receive instant life insurance rate comparisons from a network of more than 70 highly-rated life insurance carriers.


How can I compare the best rates for life insurance?

You can compare your instant life insurance quotes from WholesaleInsurance which has a network of leading life insurance carriers. You just fill out a quote request form and WholesaleInsurance instantly gives you the lowest rates from these top-rated insurers.


What factors affect my rate for life insurance?

There are several factors affecting life insurance rates, including the type and amount of life insurance.

In addition, your own personal risk factors impact your rate, including your age, gender, health, occupation, hobbies, lifestyle, family health history, height-to-weight ratio, smoking, driving record, etc.


What are the top life insurance companies? 

Each year the Insurance Information Institute issues a list of the top life insurance companies that issued the most individual life insurance policies from the previous year.

Among the top insurers are Northwestern Mutual, Prudential and Metlife. To see the entire list visit the top 10 life insurance carriers.


What type of life insurance offers the lowest rates?

Term life insurance has the lowest rates for life insurance coverage. Why term life? Because, it is temporary life insurance for a set period of time, whereas, permanent life insurance provides lifetime coverage at much higher rates. 

With term life you choose the length of time you want coverage – 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. Your premium and amount of life insurance remains level for the entire term of your term life policy.

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Life Insurance Rates Companies 

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