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Whether you live in Milwaukee, Whitewater, Green Bay, or anywhere in the Great State of Wisconsin, you have the option of shopping for term life insurance coverage on the internet.

Wisconsin law allows its residents 20 days to review their life insurance policy. If policyholders decide to return their life insurance policy within the 20 day free-look period, they may get all their money back. This return policy, combined with the ease and convenience of online term life insurance makes protecting your family easier than ever before!

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What is term life insurance?

It’s life insurance that lasts for a set number of years.

You can choose term life insurance for a period of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

If you die during this term, your beneficiary receives the death benefit. If you outlive the term of your life insurance policy, the coverage expires.

Why choose term life insurance?

It offers you low rates, flexibility if coverage and it’s easy to understand.

Term life insurance is the cheapest life insurance, which means you can afford more life insurance for your money.

It allows you to choose life insurance for a period of time your family needs the protection.

Example of Term Life Insurance:

$300 premium annually for a $250,000 15 year term life policy

This means you pay $300 each year for a period of 15 years. If you die within that 15-year period, your family (beneficiary) receives the $250,000 death benefit.

How much term life insurance do I need?

You can use this life insurance calculator to instantly find out how much life insurance you need to protect your family.

Do I have to take a physical exam to buy term life insurance?

Depending on the amount of life insurance you need, the insurance company may require a paramed exam. This will depend on your age, health, and the insurance company’s underwriting requirements. However, there are some insurance companies that offer no exam life insurance. In fact, one life insurance carrier offers up to $400,000 of term life insurance without any exam.

Wisconsin Term Life Insurance Quotes

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