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Term Life Insurance Drug Tests

Learn About Term Life Insurance Drug Tests

What is Term Life Insurance?

It’s temporary life insurance protection for a specific period of time, usually 10, 15, 20, or 30 years.

What are Term Life Insurance Drug Tests?

When you apply for life insurance you are usually asked about your health and any drug use, legal or illegal.

Depending on the insurer, type and amount of life insurance requested, you may be required to take a physical exam, blood and urine tests – which will check your system for any prescription or illegal substances.

Life insurance drug tests may check you for any illegal substances including but not limited to marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroine, medical marijuana, cannabis, nicotine, illegal tobacco use, opiates, and amphetamines.

It depends on the type of policy but generally for any medically underwritten policy...they will test you for illegal drugs. All of them. If you test positive for any of them... you will be rejected and the information will be sent to the M.I.B.

The MIB (Medical Information Bureau ( will mark their database that you're an illegal drug user so any other life or health company who wants to write a policy will be alerted.

Find out how you may qualify for life insurance with no drug test.

What is the M.I.B.?

The MIB is the Medical Information Bureau which collects medical information on applicants for life insurance. Life insurance companies share this information with the MIB and contact them to verify medical information about applicants to find out if they have applied for life insurance before, and their health status, as well as, any drug or medical issues noted from prior medical exams.

How Does the Term Life Insurance Drug Testing Work?

When you submit an application for a term life insurance policy and take the medical exam and drug tests they will look for anything that will increase their risk of insuring you. Examples would be; Ulcers, potential heart conditions, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, chronic medical problems, diabetes, and evidence of an unhealthy lifestyle.

They will also be looking for illegal and controlled substances, however this can also be done (and is usually more accurate) by taking a hair sample (even if you shave your head the hair can be taken from other parts of your body).

The presence of an illegal substance in your body is grounds for a rejection of your life insurance application.

In addition to illegal substances they will screen your urine for alcohol, sodium, caffeine, and a number of other substances that will "increase the risk of insuring your life".

One of the biggest factors that effects applicants is the presence of Cotinine in your system. Cotinine is a chemical that is produced when nicotine is present in a person’s body. If cotinine is found during the medical expect to get smoker rates for your life insurance policy, which are much higher than non-smoker rates.

Before going to a life insurance medical stay away from any negative substances including coffee and tobacco for at least a week. Cotinine can stay in your system for up to 6 months, so if you said you didn't smoke it might be wise to revise your application.

Generally, testing positive for any of the above will get your application rejected. Drug use is usually an automatic rejection.

What If You Fail Your Term Life Insurance Drug Tests?

When denied for life insurance for drug test what can I do?

You can quit doing drugs and try a different Life Insurance company, or if your drug test failure was from prescription drugs - get your physician to write a letter about the results of the drug test being the product of his treatment of your health issues.

If you failed the term life insurance drug tests and are declined coverage, or you think an error was made you can and should ask the insurance company to send you a copy of the medical exam results to you and/or your doctor.

If you failed because of a health-related problem you can ask your doctor about it. Or, if you failed the exam because of a mistake by the insurance company, you and your doctor and review the error and have it corrected as soon as possible. You want any errors corrected so they don’t stay on your medical record, because you may be declined for life insurance by another insurance company because of the error.

Importance of Testing Well for Your Life Insurance Policy?

Your drug tests results will effect your life insurance approval, and your rates for life insurance. If you test positive for illegal drugs you will probably be declined for coverage. However, you may be able to purchase guaranteed acceptance life insurance.

Can I Buy Term Life Insurance with No Drug Tests?

In most cases you may be required to take term life insurance drug tests.

However, there are some life insurers (listed below) that offer life insurance without any medical exam or drug testing.

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Term Life Insurance Drug Tests 

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