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Senior term life insurance is life insurance for people over age 50 that provides temporary coverage for a set number of years.

Senior term life can provide coverage for a period of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years depending on your age, your health, and the particular life insurance company.

We all want to provide our family with the funds needed to pay for our final expenses, any debt we have, and maybe leave some money for the ones we love to help them.

Term life insurance for seniors can do just that. It can provide you with quality, affordable life insurance protection, while you need it. And, term life insurance may be the most affordable option available to you.

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Senior life insurance plans may be available with or without a medical exam being required.

In most cases you may be required to take a medical exam, and maybe a urine and blood test.

What factors affect my senior life insurance rates?

Life insurance for seniors is based on how long the insurance company expects you to live.

The factors the insurance company considers when determining how much life insurance to offer you, and for how much, and how many years, depend on the following:

  • Your Age
  • Health and Family Health History
  • Hobbies and Occupation
  • Driving Record
  • If You Smoke
  • Your Height-to-Weight Ratio
  • The Type, Amount and Term of your life insurance

What can I do to lower my life insurance rates?

If you smoke, quit smoking.

Start exercising and eat a healthy diet.

Buy your life insurance sooner rather than later, as rates increase with your age.

And, compare life insurance quotes from multiple companies, because rates for life insurance do vary between insurance companies.

Senior Citizen Term Life Insurance Quotes

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