Smokers Term Life Insurance Policy

Are you looking for a smokers term life insurance policy?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. First, we should let you know that smokers may pay as much as 3 times more than non-smokers for the same life insurance. 

Several factors affect your rate for smoker’s life insurance, including:

  1. What kind of tobacco you smoke.
  2. How often you smoke.
  3. How much you smoke per day.
  4. How long you have smoked.
  5. If you have any smoking related health issues.

Also, each insurer has their own set of pricing guidelines for smokers, so it’s important to compare multiple quotes from insurers that offer the most competitive rates for smokers.

And, make sure you are comparing rates among insurer’s with several rate classifications based on the type and amount of tobacco you use, so you are getting a rate based on your personal tobacco use, not a general rate everyone receives who smokes tobacco.

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What companies offer the best smokers term life insurance rates?

For cigarette smokers there are several excellent insurers offering affordable rates, including Cincinnati Life Insurance Company, Liberty Life, Banner Life and Ohio National, among others.

For cigar smokers, pipe smokers, and chew, Prudential is typically one of the best life insurance carriers, and often times an occasional smoker may receive a non-tobacco rate.

Why do smokers pay more for life insurance than non-smokers?

Life insurance rates are based in part on a person's longevity, how long a person is expected to live.

Since smoking causes lung disease, emphysema, and other chronic health problems that can lead to shortened life expectancy, a smoker pays a higher rate for the same life insurance as compared to a non-smoker.

Can smokers buy term life insurance without taking an exam?

Yes, there are life insurance companies that offer smokers life insurance coverage with no exam required.

You answer some health questions and the insurance company bases their decision for approval on your answers.  If approved, you may be able to start your life insurance policy the same day you apply online.


How can smokers save money on term life insurance?

There are several ways a smoker may save money on life insurance, including:


  1. Compare rate quotes for life insurance from multiple life insurance companies.
  2.  Quit smoking.
  3. Choose term life insurance, which costs a lot less than permanent life insurance.
  4. Pay premiums annually (once per year), instead of monthly.
  5.  Buy life insurance while you are young and healthy.
  6. Buy life insurance at least 6 months before your next birthday.
  7. Don’t buy more life insurance than you need.


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Smokers Term Life Insurance Policy

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