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What is 10 Day Free Look Insurance?

Many state insurance departments require life insurance companies to provide each insured with a "Free-Look Period" after you have purchased your life insurance policy.

Usually, the company provides a 10-day period for you to cancel your policy and get a full-refund based on your policy terms or the law in your state.

You can take this time to review your life insurance policy, ask your life insurance agent or insurance company any questions you have about your policy, and decide whether the life insurance policy you purchased is right for you.

Several life insurance companies offer you up to a 30 day Free Look Period. This allows you to review your life insurance policy for 30 days before deciding to keep the coverage. If you do not want to continue the policy for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

Review of The Free Look Period and How It Works

A 10-day Free Look Period, also known as a Free Look Provision, is a feature commonly found in life insurance policies that allows policyholders to review the terms and conditions of their newly purchased life insurance policy for a specified period, typically 10 days, without any obligation to keep the policy.

If the owner of the policy decides during this period that they are not satisfied with the policy or its terms, they can cancel it and receive a full refund of any premiums paid.

Here's how s Free Look Period typically works:

  1. Purchase of the Life Insurance Policy: When you buy a new insurance policy, the insurance company provides you with a copy of the policy document, which includes all the terms, conditions, and coverage details.
  2. Free Look Period Begins: The 10-day free look period typically starts from the date of policy issuance or delivery of the policy document, whichever is later.
  3. Review the Policy: During this free look period, you have the opportunity to thoroughly review the insurance policy and its terms. You can assess whether the coverage meets your specific needs, whether the premium is affordable, and whether there are any exclusions or limitations that you were not aware of when you initially purchased your coverage.
  4. Decision Time: If, within the 10-day period, you decide that you are not satisfied with your new policy for any reason, you can contact the insurance company or your insurance agent to cancel the policy.
  5. Refund: Upon cancellation during the free look period, the insurance carrier will typically provide a full refund of any premiums you've paid. The refund is usually issued promptly, though there may be a short processing time.

It's important to note that the specific details of the free look provision, including the length of the free look period and the cancellation process, can vary between insurance companies and policies.

Therefore, it's crucial to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of your policy and to contact your insurance provider or agent if you have any questions or if you decide to exercise your right to cancel your policy during the free look period.

The purpose of the free look period is to provide consumers with a "Cooling-Off" period to make sure they are comfortable with their insurance purchase and to prevent individuals from being pressured into keeping policies that they may not fully understand, want or need.

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