Affordable Life Insurance Protection for Your Family

Benefits of Term Life Insurance

There are many benefits of term life insurance. One of the main benefits is to provide financial security for your loved ones after your death.

Some life insurance policies allow you to receive proceeds from your policy before you die. And, some policies allow you to name persons other than family-members as your beneficiary of your term life insurance policy.

You have many options on how you can choose to use your term life insurance proceeds.

Guide to the Benefits of Term Life Insurance

  • Identifies who you may want to leave your life insurance proceeds to.
  • Explains how your life insurance policy can work for you.

Compare Term Life Insurance Quotes

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How Life Insurance Can Benefit Your Family

Life insurance policies can provide your family and loved ones with financial security after a parent, spouse or income-earner passes away. Two of the major ways life insurance provides protection for your family is by providing for two of your biggest expenses:

  • Home mortgage
  • Education and college tuition and expenses

Providing for your family’s mortgage and your child’s education may be the largest expenses you have as a family. It’s important to consider these expenses when deciding on the right amount of life insurance protection.

If you currently have these financial commitments, it would be wise to own a life insurance policy. Get a free quote for term life insurance.

Using Your Life Insurance Policy to Settle Your Estate

You have the option of designating your life insurance death benefit proceeds to pay for your estate settlement. There may be estate taxes owed when settling your estate. Instead of your family selling their home to pay for estate taxes owed, you may want to use your life insurance policy to pay estate taxes.

Charitable Contributions

You also have the choice of making a charitable organization the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. If you pass away, the proceeds of your life insurance policy would be paid to the charitable organization.

Business as Beneficiary

If you own a business, you could choose to name the business as the beneficiary of your life insurance proceeds. The business could use the money from your policy to pay off loans, debts, or it could be invested by the business.

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Death Benefit Only Life Insurance

Benefits of Term Life Insurance

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