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Are You In Need of Insurance to Protect You In Case You Develop Cancer? 

If so, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, comparing plans and pricing on insurance for cancer may be much easier than you expected.

You can request and compare free quotes to find out how much your policy may cost and it only takes a minute or two. You just fill out an easy quote form and instantly receive comparisons of prices form highly rated insurance companies.

What Is A Cancer Insurance Policy?

It’s insurance that helps you for pay for any expenses that may result from a diagnosis of cancer.

Cancer coverage is a type of supplemental insurance that provides you with a lump sum of money you can use to help pay for your medical treatments, living expenses and transportation costs. You may be ineligible for a cancer policy if you have already been diagnosed with cancer.


How Does Cancer Insurance Work?

An affordable cancer insurance policy offers the following:

  • Up to $75,000 in insurance coverage
  • Freedom to use the cash payment in any way you choose
  • Full refund of all premiums paid is available during the free look period


What Are The Benefits Of Cancer Insurance?


The Top Benefits of Cancer Insurance Include:

  • Easy to Compare Prices and Plans – You can compare instant cancer insurance rates from the nation’s top-rated carriers and apply for a policy in the same day
  • Money Back Guarantee – If you aren’t satisfied with your policy, just return it within 30 days during the free-look period for a full refund. 
  • Use Benefits as You Choose – A cancer insurance policy will pay you a lump sum of cash if you are diagnosed with cancer. You can use the money any way you wish. offers cancer policies from trusted and highly rated insurance providers. You can compare plans in just minutes and find one that works to meet your personal insurance needs.


How Much Does Cancer Insurance Cost?

Premiums for a cancer policy will vary depending on various factors including your age, coverage amount and insurance carrier. Your application for coverage is subject to acceptance by the insurer.


How Much Cancer Insurance Can I Buy?

You can choose up to $75,000 of insurance coverage. You will receive only the benefit level written in the policy issued. Benefits may be paid to your assignee if an assignment was made.


Cancer Insurance FAQS

What Is Cancer Insurance?

Cancer insurance is supplemental insurance coverage that helps you pay for unexpected expenses after a cancer diagnosis.


How Can I Use The Policy?

If you are diagnosed with a qualifying cancer, you will be paid a lump sum of cash you can use fort any purpose. You can use it to help pay for medical treatments, insurance out-of-pocket cost, living expenses, prescription drugs, or transportation services. You have the freedom to use your cash payment 
any way you choose.


How Much Does Coverage Cost?

Cancer insurance plans start as $15 per month and are available to fit most budgets.


Do I Need A Medical Exam To Apply?

No – you do not need a medical exam to apply for cancer insurance coverage. You only have to answer a few health questions. You can apply if you are between the ages of 18 and 89 and have not been diagnosed with cancer of HIV/AIDS.


Can I Get Cancer Insurance If I Already Have Health Insurance?

Yes – you can have a standard health insurance policy and a cancer insurance policy at the same time.


How Do I Get A Policy?

You can compare cancer insurance plans in a few minutes and find one that works for your coverage needs with You only have to answer a few health questions to apply. 

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Cancer Insurance Rates

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