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Life Insurance Guaranteed Acceptance

Life insurance with guaranteed approval is a type of coverage considered a last-resort for those who are not able to qualify for other, more affordable types of life insurance.

You may be denied if you do not meet the age requirements, state of residence requirement, or U.S. citizenship requirement. 

Guaranteed approval life insurance is permanent life insurance that lasts for your entire lifetime. It’s usually best for people between the ages of 40 to 85 years old, and for anyone who does not qualify for standard life insurance policies requiring a medical exam, and asking health questions about the applicant for coverage.

Unlike traditional whole life insurance plans, applications for guaranteed acceptance policies do not require you to take any health examination, or answer any questions about your health history.

Guaranteed issue life insurance policies usually offer a small death benefit, meant to cover the cost of your final expenses, including burial and funeral expenses, or any end of life medical bills.

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How Does Life Insurance with Guaranteed Approval Work?

Unlike traditional / standard life insurance policies, a guaranteed acceptance plan differs in several ways:

  • Application: You only have to complete a very basic application. There is no physical exam required, no health questions to answer, and no waiting period for approval. 
  • Acceptance: Almost all applicants for coverage are approved.
  • Cash Value: Although it is permanent life insurance, guaranteed policies do not always include cash value.
  • Coverage Amount: Usually, the maximum amount of guaranteed coverage available is around $20,000 - $25,000 – payable to the beneficiary of your life insurance upon your death.
  • Graded Death Benefits: Some guaranteed-issue policies require you to be insured for at least 2 years before it will pay out the full death benefit on your insurance policy.


If your guaranteed approval policy has graded benefits and you die within the first 2 years you are insured, the beneficiary of your insurance will be paid (refunded) 110% of the premiums you paid into your life insurance policy. That means, if you had paid a total of $500 in premiums, your beneficiary would receive $550.


Who Buys Guaranteed Approval Life Insurance?

Usually, guaranteed life policies are purchased by the following:

  • People Ages 40 to 85
  • Turned Down for Life Insurance
  • Uninsurable Due to Health Issues
  • Need Insurance to Cover Final Expenses – Burial and Funeral Costs


How Much Does Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Cost?

Your guaranteed approval plan offers a fixed price based on your age when you apply for your policy. Other factors taken into consideration include your gender and state of residence, in addition to the amount of insurance.


Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Quotes


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  • Your life insurance policy comes with a 30 day Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

Life Insurance Guaranteed Acceptance

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