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Life Insurance Policy Exclusions

What are Life Insurance Policy Exclusions?

An exclusion provision in a life insurance policy indicates what is not covered, or denied coverage.

Exclusions for a life insurance policy state what causes of death will not be covered by your life insurance, meaning there will be no death benefit paid out to your beneficiary if you die as a result of a cause of death which is excluded in your policy.

There are several common exclusions you will find on most life insurance policies.

Common Life Insurance Policy Exclusions

Suicide Exclusion Clause:  This is a limitation in all life insurance policies to the effect that no death benefit payment will be made if an insured person commits suicide within the first two years that the life insurance policy is In Force. There is a one year suicide exclusion in some states like Colorado.

War Exclusion Clause:  This is a provision in life insurance policies that death benefits will not be paid in the event that the insured person dies from war related causes. In lieu of a death benefit there may be a return of all premiums paid plus interest.

Aviation Exclusion Clause:  This is a common exclusion in life insurance policies indicating that coverage does not apply unless the insured person was a passenger on a regularly scheduled airline. For example, if the insured person is killed while a passenger in a private plane crash, the aviation exclusion would apply, and the insured’s beneficiary would not receive a death benefit payment. 

In addition, there may be other exclusions that apply to hazardous activities, such as, skydiving, mountain climbing, base-jumping, bungee jumping, race car driving, etc.

Exclusions on life insurance policies are used to limit the insurance company’s exposure to loss for activities the insurer does not wish to provide insurance protection.

Make sure you review the exclusions stated in your life insurance policy to understand how your coverage works and what may or may not be covered by your life insurance.

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Life Insurance Policy Exclusions

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