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Life Insurance Yearly Premium Cost

What is a Life Insurance Premium?


"Premium" for life insurance is the price you pay for your insurance coverage.


Premium Payment Options


You may have several different options available for intervals at which you make your premium payments, including:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annual
  • Annual


What is a Life Insurance Rate?


The rate for life insurance is the price you pay per $1,000 of life insurance coverage.


How is a Life Insurance Rate Determined?


The insurance company takes into consideration several key personal risk factors when developing your rate for coverage.


Common Risk Factors for Life Insurance 


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Health
  • Tobacco Use
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies
  • Driving Record


Your risk factors are used to assist the insurance company underwriter in determining your life expectancy


The longer you are expected to live, the lower your rate for coverage.


In addition to your risk factors, the type of policy, and the duration of life insurance coverage is taken into consideration in developing your life insurance rate per $1,000 of coverage.


What is the Yearly Cost of Life Insurance?


The yearly premium cost of a life insurance policy is the amount you pay each year to have life insurance protection.


You can find out how much you may pay each year for life insurance by requesting a free life insurance quote online. 


How to Compare Yearly Premiums for Life Insurance?


To compare pricing on yearly life insurance premiums just Click Here to request your free quote


You’ll be asked to answer some basic questions about yourself, including your age, gender, tobacco use, and health, among other things. 


Then, just click on a button to instantly see the lowest prices available from a network of leading life insurance companies.


How to Save Money on Life Insurance


There are several tip you can follow to help you find affordable life insurance and save some money on your policy.


  • Choose Term Life – Term life insurance is the cheapest form of coverage offering the lowest rates by far, compared to permanent life insurance.
  • Compare Rates – By comparing rates you may save up to 70% on your life insurance because each insurer has their own set of rates, and rates can vary quite a bit between companies.
  • Don’t Buy More Life Insurance Than You Need – Use a life insurance needs calculator to determine how much life insurance you really need.
  • Choose Annual Premium Payments – They are lower than paying monthly premiums. The insurance company charges a finance fee for monthly payments. 
  • Quit Smoking – Smokers pay 2 to 3 times more for the same amount of life insurance compared to Non-Smokers. So, if you smoke, it pays to quit smoking.
  • Get Healthy – Lower your cholesterol level and your weight to qualify for lower rates on your life insurance.
  • Buy at Least 6 Months Before Your Next Birthday – Rates are based on your age closest to your birthdate. So, if you buy within 6 months of your next birthday, you will be charged based on that age, not your current age.
  • Buy Coverage While You are Young and Healthy – Rates for younger adults are lower, and healthy people get lower rates on life insurance than those with health issues. 


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Life Insurance Yearly Premium Cost?

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