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Mortgage Term Insurance

Mortgage Term Insurance is a form of life insurance that provides protection for your family and your home mortgage.

If you should die, the term mortgage insurance policy will pay a death benefit to your beneficiary (spouse) who can use the money to pay off the home mortgage, and for any other purpose, such as, replacing your income and paying for living expenses.

Mortgage term life insurance offers your family financial security, providing the funds they need to keep the home they shared with you.

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Mortgage Term Life Insurance Plans

Level Term Life Insurance – provides a level death benefit for a specific number of years – usually 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. The premiums remain level and the coverage amount remains level throughout the term of the policy.

Decreasing Term Life Insurance – provides a death benefit that decreases each year with the amount of your outstanding mortgage. The premiums remain level for the entire term of the policy, usually 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

Level Term Life Insurance is the most common type of term insurance purchased.

It not only provides mortgage protection, but the amount of coverage remains level, so your family has additional funds to pay off your other debts, including credit cards, final expenses and education costs for your kids.

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Mortgage Term Insurance

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