Affordable Life Insurance Protection for Your Family

No Exams Life Insurance

Do you want to buy no exams life insurance?

If so, you may find it easier than you expected. In fact, qualified applicants may be able to start their life insurance policy today.

However, approval for coverage will depend on your age and health. Although there are no exams, your approval is based on your answers to some health questions asked when you request your quote and apply online for your life insurance policy.

People age 65 and under may qualify to buy up to $2,000,000 of life insurance with no medical exam required.

No exam life insurance plans offer you several benefits:

  1. Instant Approval.
  2. Same Day Coverage, if qualified.
  3. No Medical Exam
  4. Money-Back Guarantee
  5. Rated "A" Excellent by A.M. Best for financial strength


Many people just like you have very good reasons for applying for a life insurance policy without taking an exam.

They may not have time in their busy lives for a physical examination, or maybe they hate the thought of needles or have a fear of drawing blood.

Still, others just need to get life insurance protection for their loved ones right away, because maybe they have put it off for too long.

Whatever your reason, it’s okay. And, the process is easier than you might expect.

You can review your options for no exams life insurance below, choose a plan, request your free quote, and apply for your life insurance policy.

If you are approved, you may be able to start your life insurance coverage the same day. And, if you change your mind, the life insurance policy comes with a money-back guarantee.

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Guaranteed Approval Life Insurance

No Exams Life Insurance

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