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What is No-Load Life Insurance?

No load insurance is simply a life insurance policy that doesn't pay commissions or require annual fees for you, the policyholder.


Why Buy Life Insurance with No-Load?

This is an especially attractive option for life insurance, because your out-of-pocket costs for your insurance policy will be lower than they would be with a life insurance policy through agents or brokers who generally charge high commissions or fees.

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Traditional life insurance policies carry expenses that are built into your life insurance premiums and used to cover everything from your agent’s commissions and bonuses to advertising and marketing costs.

Often the "load" added to the cost of your life insurance consumes most or all of the money you pay in insurance premiums in the first and second year of your life insurance policy.

There is a little known way to get around paying high expenses or "loads".

You can buy a "No-load" or more appropriately "low-load" life insurance policy. A low-load policy has fewer expenses, which means lower life insurance premiums, in most cases.

Although its lower cost allows no-load life insurance to provide an affordable alternative to lower-income life insurance policyholders, carriers of no-load policies should be examined for their financial stability.

The financial strength rating is an indicator of the insurance company’s financial stability, and their ability to pay their claims.


How to Get Life Insurance with No-Load?

In order to get a no-load life insurance quote, you may need to speak directly with a life insurance representative and ask if it is "No load," or if any annual fees are associated with the life insurance policy. Generally no-load policies will be the least expensive, but they might also have more underwriting requirements. 

The problem with no-load insurance is that not everyone is aware the option is available. And many who do know may think it sounds "too good to be true." It's not. Why pay more for your life insurance than you have to?

You can compare low load and no-load life insurance rates and plans online. It’s quick and easy.

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You can choose a coverage term ranging from 10 to 30 years. Have you done all you can to make sure your family will always be taken care of?

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No Load Life Insurance

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