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No Physical Term Life Insurance

What is No Physical Term Life Insurance?

It’s short term life insurance lasting for up to 30 years, that does not require you to take any physical examination to purchase your policy.


Why Should I Buy This Type of Life Insurance?

There are several good reasons to purchase no physical life insurance, including:

  • Same Day Coverage
  • No Need to Meet with an Agent
  • No Long Delays
  • No Health Examination
  • No Blood Tests

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Who May Qualify for No Exam Term Life Insurance? 

If you are under age 60 and healthy, you may qualify to purchase your policy online today. However, some insurers may accept people ages 78 and under for life insurance without a physical.


How Much Life Insurance Can I Buy without a Physical Exam?

The amount of coverage available may vary by insurer, from $50,000 up to $1,000,000 of life insurance protection. It will vary based on your age and health, too.


How Long Does It Take to Get Insurance?

If you apply online and you are approved, you may begin your life insurance today. In fact, one insurer offers coverage within minutes after getting approved.


How Long Will My Term Life Coverage Last?

You may be able to choose from 10 to 30 years of coverage. However, some insurers offer coverage for a period of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.


What Insurers Offer No Physical Term Life Policies?

Several different life insurers offer no exam policies, including Haven Life, Fidelity Life and Globe Life, among others.


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Top Pick – Haven Life

  • Get up to $1,000,000 of affordable term life insurance today
  • Apply online in under 20 minutes, start coverage today
  • Backed by MassMutual, rated A++ by AM Best

Haven Life uses the information provided in your application to make an instant decision on your application. Healthy, qualified applicants (based on the information provided in your life insurance application) can be insured immediately with no medical exam while other applicants can receive immediate coverage pending a medical exam.


Highly Recommended – Fidelity Life Insurance

Buy up to $499,000 of term life insurance online without having to take any physical examination, blood or urine tests. Fidelity Life is rated “A-“ Excellent by A.M. Best for financial strength. Established in 1896. 30-day money-back guarantee.


Highly Recommended – Globe Life Insurance

$1* Buys $100,000 Globe Life Insurance for Adults or Children

  • No Medical Exam - Simple Application.
  • No Waiting. Buy Direct.
  • Rates as Low as $3.49 per month.
  • Join 4.2 Million Policyholders.
  • No Phone Required. No Credit Required.
  • No Agent Involved.

No medical exam life insurance is available primarily for term life insurance policies only.

A term life insurance policy provides death benefits upon the passing of the insured, if that policyholder dies within a specified term. A term can be 5, 20, 15, 20, or even 30 years.

You may qualify to get over $1,000,000 of coverage with no exam if you’re in good health by purchasing two or more life insurance policies.

You can buy life insurance coverage from more than one insurance carrier.

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