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Are you looking for affordable term life insurance in Pennsylvania?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

No matter where you live in the state of Pennsylvania, you can instantly compare affordable rates for term life insurance coverage from a network of highly-rated life insurance companies who will compete for your business.

By comparing multiple quotes from top insurers you may save up to 73% on your life insurance policy. Comparing rates is quick and easy. Just click the link below to get started. There are no delays and no obligation – you just fill out an easy quote request form to receive your instant life insurance quotes.

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What is term life insurance?

It provides temporary life insurance coverage for a period of up to 30 years. You pay the same amount of premium each year and the amount of your life insurance coverage remains level.

Term life offers you the lowest rates on life insurance with coverage available for a period of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

If you pass way during the term (duration) of your term life policy, the death benefit is paid out to your beneficiary (you choose who receives the money). If you outlive the term of your policy, the life insurance coverage ends.


How can you compare term life insurance quotes?

Comparing rates on term life insurance is easy. You just answer some basic questions about yourself, and you instantly receive the best quotes for term life insurance from a network of more than 40 leading life insurance companies.

By comparing the most competitive rates for term life coverage you may save up to 73% on your life insurance plan. Request your free life insurance quote.


Can I get life insurance without taking any health exam?

Yes, you may qualify for no exam life insurance. These days many of us don’t have time for a physical or just hate needles or blood being drawn (10% of the population has a fear of needles and/or blood draws).

Now there’s another option instead of the hassles of a medical exam. You can get a free, instant life insurance quote online now and apply for your life insurance policy in minutes. Coverage is provided by an "A++" Excellent rated life insurance company.

You can apply for up to $1,000,000 of term life insurance without any health examination. There are some health questions for you to answer. Your answers will help the insurer to decide if you qualify.

If you are accepted for coverage you may start your life insurance policy the same day. 


What factors will affect my rate for term life insurance?

Each insurance company has their own rates for life insurance based on your individual risk factors, including your health, gender, age, if you smoke, driving record, height-to-weight ratio, occupation, hobbies and lifestyle, among other things.

These factors help the insurance company determine your longevity – how long you are expected to live, and this gives them an idea of how long you would be paying your premiums on your life insurance.


What are the best term life insurance companies?

That depends on your individual risk factors. Some insurers are more competitive when it comes to seniors, smokers, diabetics, or younger people.

For instance, Prudential is one of the best insurers for smokers of cigars, pipes and chew (not cigarettes).

AIG is competitive when it comes to insuring diabetics.

Banner Life offers some of the lowest rates for younger people.

ING Reliastar is competitive even if you have a family history of cancer.

Transamerica offers great underwriting and excellent rates for seniors, especially those over age 60.

JRC Insurance Group offers you instant life insurance quote comparisons from all of the above insurers and more (over 40 leading life insurance companies).


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