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The Best Term Life Insurance

What Is The Best Term Life Insurance?

If you’re in need of life insurance to protect your loved ones you may be wondering which type of term life plan is best for you and your family.

First, you’ll want to review the different types of term life policies available to secede which one meets your specific needs. 

However, the most popular type of term policy is Level Term life insurance because it has affordable rates, your premium remains the same for the entire duration of your policy, and the amount of life insurance stays level for the life of your plan.


Review of Types of Term Life Insurance Policies


  • Level Term – Your premium is the same each year for up to 30 years, the amount of life insurance coverage remains the same, and the rate is affordable. Get a Free Quote.
  • Annual Renewable Term – Coverage is provided for one year. If you choose to renew your policy for an additional year, the premium increases at each renewal.
  • Decreasing Term – Your premiums remain the same each year for up to 30 years, while the amount of life insurance provided by your policy decreases annually. Not the most affordable option, and not available through many insurers.
  • Return of Premium – Premiums are higher upfront, because you get almost all of your insurance premiums back if you outlive the duration of your term life insurance policy.
  • No Exam Term – These plans offer level term life coverage with no health exam required for healthy individuals between the ages of 20 to 60. However, premiums are usually a little higher than rates charged for standard level term life policies that do require you to take a medical exam to qualify for coverage.


Why Is Level Term Life Insurance The Best Term Life Option?

Level Term insurance is by far the most popular type of term life policy purchased today. 

There are several reasons why Level Term is the best option, including the following:

  • Lowest Rates – Level Term offers the lowest pricing available on life insurance coverage lasting for 30 years or less.
  • Guaranteed Level Premiums – Your premiums are the same each year for the life of your policy, they do not increase.
  • Guaranteed Level Death Benefits – Your coverage remains the same each year for the life of your policy, the death benefit is guaranteed not to decrease during your policy term.
  • Term Options – You may choose from 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years of coverage.


How Can I Get The Best Term Life Insurance Pricing?

The quickest and easiest way to find the lowest premiums available for your term insurance policy is to fill out a Quote Request Form and instantly see the lowest prices offered from a network of more than 45 of the leading life insurance carriers in America.

It takes less than one minute to fill out the quote request form and instantly see the lowest prices available.


How Can I Save Money on My Life Insurance Policy?

Here are several tips for you to use which may help you save some money on your life insurance plan:

  • Compare Rates – By shopping and comparing pricing online you may save up to 50% or more on your policy.
  • Annual Premiums – You can save money by choosing to pay your premiums once per year (annually) instead of monthly, which charges a service fee.
  • Quit Smoking – Smokers pay up to 5-10 times more for the same amount of life insurance compared to non-smokers.
  • Get Healthy – The healthier you are when you apply for life insurance, the lower your rate.
  • Term Instead of Permanent – Permanent life insurance usually costs up to 5-10 times more than premiums charged for the same amount of term life coverage.
  • Select a Policy Term – Choose the right duration (term) for your policy. The shorter your policy term, the lower your annual cost of insurance.
  • Amount of Coverage – Don’t pay for more life insurance than you really need. Use a life insurance needs calculator to help you determine how much insurance you actually need.
  • Buy Now – The younger you are when you buy life insurance, the lower your rate for insurance, because you have a longer life expectancy.


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