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Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits

How to Find Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits and Policies


Are you looking for unclaimed life insurance?

If you had someone close to you pass away and you are trying to find out if they had life insurance and you were a beneficiary, there are options available to assist you in locating life insurance policies that are unclaimed. You can review our free resources listed below to search for life insurance policies that are unclaimed.


What is unclaimed life insurance?

Unclaimed life insurance is life insurance where the insured person has died but no one has made a claim on the life insurance policy.


How does life insurance go unclaimed?

There are several reasons a life insurance policy may go unclaimed:


1.     No one knows the person had life insurance.

2.     The insured told no one about the life insurance.

3.     The life insurance policy is lost.


How much life insurance is unclaimed?

As astonishing as it sounds, more than $1 billion dollars in life insurance coverage has gone unclaimed.

And in some states, there are millions of dollars of life insurance that people are owed, but they don’t know about it. The money is just waiting to be claimed by the rightful owners.


What can I do to make sure my life insurance is claimed?

When you buy your life insurance coverage you choose a beneficiary to receive the proceeds (money) when you die., this is called the death benefit.

Make sure you let the person know that he/she is the beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

Also, let the person know where to find your life insurance policy so they can get the necessary information to contact your life insurance company when you die.

In order to make a claim on a life insurance policy, your beneficiary will need the following:

1.     The name of your life insurance company.

2.     The phone number of your life insurance company.

3.     The life insurance policy number.

4.     The name of the insured on your life insurance policy.

5.     An original death certificate.


Your beneficiary can review the section of your life insurance policy regarding making a death claim. The information required by the beneficiary will be stated in the policy, as to who to contact.

Once the life insurance company has received all of the necessary paperwork completed by the beneficiary, along with the original death certificate, the insurance company will send payment usually by mail within 7 to 10 days.


Resources for Unclaimed Life Insurance


MIB Group – Search for lost life insurance policies

Use a policy locator service. The MIB Group has a huge database of policies, which it will search for a fee. Search for lost life insurance policies for a $25 fee.

NOLO – Find unclaimed life insurance policy proceeds 

Ehow – How to find unclaimed life insurance policies 

NAUPA – National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators

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Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits

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