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What Is Life Insurance That Pays You Back?

Are You Looking to Purchase Life Insurance That Will Pay You Back Your Money If You Don’t Die?


Life Insurance That Pays You Back Your Money


Return of Premium (ROP)


Term Life Insurance Pays You Back. "Return of Premium" term life insurance policies typically provide coverage for a "Term" (duration) of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. 

If you don’t die before your insurance policy’s term ends, the insurance company pays you back in full for the amount you’ve paid in your premiums throughout the life of your life insurance policy.


Although, you get back your premiums, the insurance carrier makes money on these policies through any fees charged, and the investment income they earned by investing your premiums throughout the duration of your insurance coverage.


Keep in Mind: Premiums are much higher for a return of premium term policy compared to regular term life policies. So, if you do pass away before your coverage ends, you will have ended up paying a lot more for your policy than if you had just purchased a traditional term insurance policy.


However, you are betting that you will be alive when your policy term expires, and that you will receive your premiums back at that time in the future.


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What is Life Insurance That Pays You Back?

What is Term Life Insurance?

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