Term Life Insurance Calculator

Use our quick and easy term life insurance calculator to determine how much life insurance you need. Choosing the right amount of life insurance protection is very important, for you and more importantly the ones you leave behind.

Just answer the questions below to instantly determine the right amount of life insurance protection to meet your family's needs.

Then, you can instantly compare the lowest prices from our life insurance providers listed below. It's quick, easy and there's no obligation.

Life Insurance Need Calculator
Life Insurance Need Calculator
This calculator will help you to decide how much life insurance you need if your survivors invest the life insurance benefits they receive.

Funeral cost, estate taxes, etc. ($):
Amount needed to pay of non-mortgage debt ($):
Amount needed in emergency fund ($):
Amount needed in college fund ($):
Expected average annual living expenses ($):
Expected spouse's average annual income after taxes ($):
Annual Social Security Benefits ($):
Spouse's current age (#):
Value of current liquid assets ($ total of savings, investments, etc.):
Expected survivor's investment strategy:
Life insurance needs:

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Term Life Insurance Calculator


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