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If you live in the State of Georgia, whether it’s in Atlanta, Athens, Rome, Dalton,
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It’s quick and easy for you to get the lowest rate comparisons from top life insurance companies in just a few minutes.  

Regardless of if you life in Atlanta or Savannah, and no matter what your age, we can help you get instant quotes on term life insurance.  All Georgia residents can benefit from unbiased recommendations for the best life insurance prices and coverage.  

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Most consumers are not aware of the difference between various life insurance products, such as term life insurance, no exam life insurance, and whole life insurance.

Term life offers the lowest rates for life insurance protection for up to 30 years.

Whereas, permanent life insurance offers guaranteed level rates for the rest of your life, and as long as you pay your premiums on time, you’ll have lifetime life insurance protection.

We understand different people not only have different life insurance needs, they also have different budgets, that’s why it’s so important to comparison shop for the most affordable life insurance coverage.

Risk Factors That Affect Your Rate for Life Insurance

There are many variables that impact rates on life insurance in Georgia. People that smoke, drink a lot or have a medical condition like diabetes or cancer typically pay higher premiums for their life insurance coverage compared to the average person.

Some of the most important risk factors for life insurance rates include your gender, age, health, lifestyle, tobacco use, driving record, family health history, occupation, hobbies, and height-to-weight ratio, among other factors. 

Georgia Life Insurance Facts

Georgia residents have $914 billion in total life insurance coverage.

$9 billion was paid to Georgia residents in the form of death benefits, matured, endowments policy dividends, surrender values, and other payments in 2011.

State residents own 5 million individual life insurance policies, with coverage averaging $106,000 per policyholder.

Group life insurance coverage amounts to $355 billion.

Individual life insurance coverage purchased in 2011 in Georgia totaled $53 billion.

Annuity benefits paid in the state in 2011 totaled $1 billion.

The percentage of residents with an individual life insurance policy in Georgia is 50.4%.

In 2012, the total number of life insurers in Georgia was 15.

In 2012, the total payments to life insurance beneficiaries in Georgia was $2,574,274,000.


Life Expectancy Facts For Georgia Residents

The average life expectancy for a Georgia resident is 77 years old.

The average life expectancy of a male in Georgia is 75 years old, and 80 years old for females.


Georgia Life Insurance Quotes 


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Georgia Life Insurance Quote

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