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How Much Life Insurance Can You Buy With Guaranteed Approval?

If you are shopping for guaranteed issue life insurance coverage, you may be wondering how much coverage you can buy.

The amount of life insurance available with guaranteed acceptance can vary by insurance carrier.

Usually, the maximum amount offered by any one life insurer is around $25,000 or less.

However, if you need more protection you may buy a guaranteed issue policy from more than one insurance company.

Keep in mind, guaranteed approval policies are usually meant for those who have health problems or have been denied coverage after applying for a policy.

If you are healthy enough to qualify for a traditional whole life or term life insurance plan, you may find that type of policy to be more affordable.

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What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance? 

It’s a type of permanent life insurance plan that provides you with lifetime protection, as long as you pay your insurance premiums on time to the insurance company. 

Guaranteed issue permanent life policies provide a death benefit and usually build some cash value inside the policy over time, from which the owner of the policy may take a loan, if needed.


List of Guaranteed Issue Companies and Amounts of Coverage


Mutual of Omaha

Maximum Guaranteed Amount:  $25,000


Colonial Penn

Maximum Guaranteed Amount: $15,000



Maximum Guaranteed Amount: $25,000


Gerber Life

Maximum Guaranteed Amount: $25,000



Maximum Guaranteed Amount: $25,000


Common Requirements for Guaranteed Issue Plans


  • You meet the age requirement for approval
  • You live in a state where the insurer is licensed to offer the policy
  • You can pay your premiums
  • You are a legal U.S. resident


Features of Guaranteed Acceptance Plans


  • No Medical Examination Required
  • No Health Questions Asked
  • Up to $25,000 of Insurance (Varies by Carrier)


Can I Buy a Guaranteed Policy on My Spouse?

Yes. If you are married, you have an Insurable Interest in your spouse, which is required in order to purchase life insurance on someone else.

You may buy guaranteed issue insurance on yourself and your spouse.


Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Quotes


Top Pick – Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha offers guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance for people age 45 to 85. Choose $2,000 up to $25,000 of coverage. Rates start as low as $8.84 per month. There’s no medical exam and no health questions. You cannot be turned down. You can get a quote and apply online now. START HERE to get a FREE Quote.

  • Your life insurance policy comes with a 30 day Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

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Guaranteed Issue Amount Life Insurance

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