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Do You Need Term Life Insurance?

Are you wondering, "Do I need term life insurance?"

Usually life insurance is needed because people want to provide for loved ones who depend on them for financial support. This may include your spouse, children, sibling(s) and/or parent(s).

You may also need life insurance if you want to provide funds to pay your creditors if you pass away.

If you own a business, you may want to buy a life insurance policy to help fund an employee benefits plan. Or, to provide funds for the business if a key person dies prematurely.

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The following are several examples of a need for life insurance:

  • Children dependent on you for financial support
  • A spouse, parent or grandparent dependent on you for financial support
  • To provide funds for paying off your creditors
  • To provide funds for your business if a Key Person dies prematurely
  • To provide funds for your final expenses
  • To provide funds for your children's education
  • To provide funds to pay off your mortgage
  • To provide funds for your business to continue operating in the event of your death
  • To provide funds for your Business’s Employee Benefit Plan

If any of these examples applies to your specific situation, you may find life insurance very useful to provide the financial security and protection you need.

If you are just starting to learn about term life insurance, please read the article on how term life insurance works.

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