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Smoker Life Insurance Quotes

If you smoke you may already know that smoker life insurance quotes are much higher than they are for people who don’t smoke.

Some insurance companies specialize in life insurance for smokers. These are the companies that charge the lowest premiums. These insurers welcome smokers, because they have the experience with insuring people who smoke. However, online smoker life insurance quotes are going to be expensive.

This is because smokers have an increased risk of cancer, lung and heart disease. A survey conducted by Sun Mountain Women's Health Alliance found that Female smokers have a 50% greater risk of suffering from heart disease than their male counterparts do.

In addition, women are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis due to smoking. Smokers can quit smoking and increase their lifespan. Also, when you quit smoking, your life insurance rates will decrease. Discover how you can save money by getting smoker life quotes.

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Why are Smoker Life Insurance Quotes So Expensive?

Surveys indicate smokers earn about 7% less than non-smokers. This is accounted for due to lower productivity, poor health and financial constraints. There are also the extra expenses of higher premiums for life and health insurance. A smoking study conducted in 2001 confirms that, cigars are linked with laryngeal, pharyngeal, gastrointestinal and lung cancers.

A study performed by Duke University and the American Cancer Society, indicates a female smoker increases her life expectancy by three to four years by quitting smoking habit by the age of 65.

Most life insurance carriers rate the use of tobacco in the previous year as a smoker's classification. However, if you haven’t smoked in more than 12 months, you may qualify for non-smoker rates.

Life insurance premiums for smokers usually run two to three times higher than those for non-smokers. That’s because smoking kills 87% more than prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer combined, as a result of lung cancer.

The range of non-smoker life insurance premiums is $570 to $1,035 per year, whereas premiums for smoker life insurance plans are as high as $4250 per year.

A few state governments charge their employees extra bucks in health insurance if they smoke. More and more companies are joining this trend.

For example, in Georgia, that surcharge is about $40 per month.

Non-smokers receive a discount of 10% for homeowners insurance. The insurers believe that, smoking takes lives and destroys homes. Due to high death rate, smokers obtain lower lifetime benefits than non-smokers. Compare free life insurance quotes.

How to Get Smokers Life Insurance at Cheaper Premiums

Smokers may get cheaper rates for their life insurance based on a number of factors, including:

  1. Height-to-Weight Ratio - You should not be overweight. It is one crucial factor governing life insurance costs.

  2. Age – Your age is one of the leading factors in determining your rates for life insurance for smokers. For example, a person of age 25 pays less than a person of age 45 when all else is the same. That’s because a 45 year old is more likely to die sooner than a 25 year old.

  3. Hobbies – Avoid dangerous hobbies or activities such as skydiving, mountain climbing, or auto racing.

  4. Occupation – Avoid working in a hazardous environment. Some jobs or workplaces are more prone to accidents and risks. Changing to a safer job lowers your life insurance premiums.

  5. Annual Premium Payment Option – Choose yearly payments rather than monthly premium payments. There’s usually a service fee added to monthly premium payment.

  6. Exclusions – Review your life insurance and understand what exclusions may apply to your coverage.

  7. Health – Exercise regularly to improve your health. This may reduce your premiums charged for life insurance.

Smokers Life Insurance Quotes

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