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Term 20 Life Insurance Quotes

If you are in the market for a life insurance plan that will protect your loved ones for a period of twenty years or less, you may want to consider a term 20 life insurance policy.


What is 20 Year Term Life Insurance Protection?

Term 20 life insurance is a sub-category of Term life insurance. It provides coverage a policyholder’s life for a clearly defined term of twenty years (that’s why it is called Term 20).

Should a policy holder pass away within this 20-year time frame, his/her beneficiary will receive the coverage amount, also known as, the death benefit of the policy. 

After 20 years, this term life policy comes to an end – your life insurance coverage expires. 

If you want to extend a 20-year term insurance policy beyond the original coverage period, most likely, your insurance company will require you to get another premium quote. 

The new term life policy will cost you more money because life insurance rates increase with age. That’s why you may want to lock-in the lowest rate while you are young and healthy, for the longest period of time available.

Compare 20 Year Term Life Insurance Quotes

Term Life Plan Features

  • Insurance Death Benefit – Term life is pure protection, providing only a death benefit, no investment feature.
  • No Cash Value – There is no cash value that builds within a term policy.
  • Level Premiums – With level term life policies your premiums remain the same each year for the entire duration (term) of your policy.
  • Lower Prices – Term insurance offers much lower premiums than permanent life insurance. In fact, most permanent policies have rates that are up to 5-10 times higher than term life plans for the same amount of life insurance protection.


When Do You Need 20 Year Level Term Life Insurance?

Twenty-year level term insurance (Term 20) provides coverage for 20 years only and is optimal in several situations. 

Examples for Term 20:

  • You want to make sure your kids are well off (if you pass away) until they are able to live on their own. It is important to mention that the Term 20 coverage in this case makes sense if your kids are less than 20 years away from being independent (e.g. if they are already 5 and you expect them to be fully independent when they are 25 years old).
  • You want clearly defined protection for 20 years (or less) to protect yourself and your family. For example, while paying off a 20-year home mortgage loan.
  • You want to minimize the cost of your life insurance plan for the next 20 years. Term 20 is one of the cheapest options that you can choose from if you need twenty years of protection. However, keep in mind, these premiums may increase quite a bit if you choose to renew your term policy.


What are 20 Year Term Life Insurance Quotes? 

A Quote for term life coverage is an estimate of how much your life insurance policy will cost you either per month or annually.

Your quotes are based on the information you provide the quote provider, including your age, gender, health, tobacco use, among other factors.

Rates do vary by insurance company, that’s why you want to compare pricing from among several of the leading life insurance carriers before choosing your policy.

NOTE: Life insurance quotes depend on multiple factors and may vary from person to person (based on your health condition).

Here’s how you can Compare Term Life Insurance Quotes now.

Who is Term 20 Life Insurance For?

The term 20 plan may be right for safeguarding your family’s financial future.

Term 20 is best suited for:

  • Newly married couples planning for their financial future.
  • Protecting your family from future mortgage payments.
  • Ensuring your child’s college education cost will be covered.
  • Line of credit loans with a long repayment period.


A term 20 life insurance plan may be the most affordable coverage available for anyone who needs life insurance protection lasting for a period of twenty years.


Term Life Insurance Quotes


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