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Term Life Insurance Does It Have Cash Value?

Term life insurance does not have any cash value, unless you purchase an optional rider called Return of Premium, which has a cash value feature.

Term life insurance provides life insurance protection lasting for a "Policy Term" (duration) of 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30-years. If you die during that period of time your policy is "In Force", your beneficiaries get the Payout, known as the Death Benefit of your life insurance policy.

Term life insurance is the most affordable option available when it comes to life insurance providing coverage for a period of 30 years or less. It has a death benefit that's paid out to your beneficiaries after you die, but it only lasts for a specific period of time – the duration (Policy Term) of your life insurance.

Term life does not have any cash value, unless you purchase an optional rider called Return of Premium, which has a cash value feature.

With Return of Premium, you get back all of your premiums paid if you outlive the duration of your term life policy.

Term life covers a 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30-year period. If you die during that period of time, your beneficiaries get your payout, known as the death benefit. 

Term life insurance may be a good option for adults with a dependent, because of the low monthly premiums and death benefit protection.

Return of Premium Riders May Have Cash Value Options

While term insurance does not have cash value, Return of Premium, also referred to as ROP, is an optional add-on Rider Endorsement to your term life policy, that does provide a cash value. 

A "Return of Premium" rider returns part or all of the money you've paid in insurance premiums, if the insured person does not die during the policy term. So, if the insured is alive when the policy expires, the premiums are returned.

Some return of premium riders offer cash value as an add-on feature — this varies by life insurance carrier.

For example, State Farm says its ROP term life policy offers cash value that you can borrow against during your policy term, but any unpaid balances decrease the death benefit payout. 

Does Term Life Insurance Have a Surrender Value?


No, Term life insurance does not usually have a cash surrender value. 


Term insurance buys Pure Protection rather than building up any cash value inside the policy over time, and that is why the cost of Term life insurance is usually much lower than other life insurance policies that have cash value. 


Return of Premium (ROP) Term Life is one type of Term Policy that could have a cash surrender value if you kept the policy long enough.


Does Life Insurance Payout at End of the Policy Term?


No, life insurance does not have a payout at the end of the term unless "ROP" life insurance was purchased. 


ROP stands for "Return of Premium". This type of policy charges a rate that is higher than normal life insurance, which the life insurance company invests.

Term life insurance is a pretty straightforward form of life insurance. 


You pay premiums to the insurance company, and if you die during the policy’s term, your beneficiaries receive a death benefit payout from your insurance policy. 


If you don’t die during the policy term, and the term life policy expires, or if you cancel the insurance policy, there is no refund or surrender value for term life insurance.


Why Term Life Insurance Does Not Have any Cash Value?

Term life insurance is pure insurance. You just pay your premiums for the term of your policy, and if you don’t die, the policy ends when your term ends and you are no longer covered. 

Term life insurance is usually between 5 to 15 times less expensive than a comparable permanent life insurance policy. 

Term life insurance is also more straightforward than permanent life and covers you while you’re most likely to have financial dependents or outstanding debt, making it the better choice for the majority of consumers in need of life insurance to provide affordable financial security for the future of their loved ones.


Although term life is affordable and simple to understand, there are things you can’t do with term coverage. Because it has no cash value, there is no surrender value to a term life policy. You also can’t take a loan out from your term insurance.


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Term Life Insurance Does It Have Cash Value?

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