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What is the Best Life Insurance?

What is the Best Life Insurance?How to Find the Best Life Insurance

Are You Shopping For The Best Type Of Life Insurance?

If so, you’ll want to learn about the two basic types of coverage you can choose from before selecting your policy.

Two Types Of Life Insurance: Term vs. Permanent

It’s actually quite easy to understand the differences of the two basic types of life insurance:

Term – Offers affordableeasy-to-understand and flexible coverage. You choose protection for a term (duration) of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years to meet your needs.

Permanent – Offers lifetime life insurance with premiums that remain the same each year, and it builds cash value inside the policy over time from which you can take a loan, if needed. It costs 2-3 times more than term life, usually.

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What Is The Best Life Insurance To Buy?

The bottom line is this – Term is much cheaper, so if you need life insurance for 30 years or less, then term life is the best policy.

If you need life insurance that is guaranteed to last your entire lifetime no matter how long you live, then permanent life insurance may be a good option.


How to Get The Best Price On Life Insurance

There are several ways you can save some money on your life insurance coverage. First, a term life plan costs at least 2-3 times less than permanent insurance.

In addition, you can use these tips to save on your policy: 

  • Compare Rates – Compare pricing from multiple carriers.
  • Premium Payment Option – Choose annual premium payments.
  • Amount of Protection – Don’t buy more insurance than you need.
  • Length of Coverage – Choose the term (duration) that fits your need.
  • Get Healthy – Quit smoking, lower your cholesterol, lose weight, etc.
  • Safety Counts – High-risk hobbies or occupations increase the cost of life insurance.
  • Driving Record – A safe driving history will get you better rates.


What Is The Best Life Insurance For Seniors?

If you’re over 50, retired, or planning for your retirement, you may be considering the purchase of life insurance. But, do you really need life insurance? And, if so, what do you want your life insurance to accomplish?

Many senior citizens choose to purchase life insurance to provide the money needed to pay for their final expenses, including the cost of their funeral and burial expenses.

Considering that the average funeral and related expenses can exceed $7,700, you may want to get at least $8,000 or more of life insurance to help pay for final expenses.


What Is The Best Life Insurance Company

An important decision in choosing insurance is to select a financially secure insurer that will be around when you need them to pay the claim on your life insurance policy. After all, that’s the reason you’ll be paying for insurance, to make sure your loved ones get the death benefit upon your passing.

Here is a list of the best life insurance companies.


How To Choose The Right Amount Of Coverage

Are you wondering how much life insurance you really need to properly protect the future financial security for your loved ones?

If so, you may have heard that some experts suggest purchasing up to 7-10 times your annual income in life insurance. So, if you earn $50,000 a year, maybe you should have up to $500,000 of coverage.

But, using a life insurance needs calculator can help you quickly and easily determine how much coverage you really need based specifically on your own personal situation and goals.


How To Get Insured Within 24 To 48 Hours

Do you need life insurance but want to get insured sooner rather than later?

In the past it would take up to 6-8 weeks to go through the entire life insurance buying process and get insured.

However, now there is an option available to consumers like you that will allow you to apply for a policy and start your life insurance coverage in just 1-2 days. Here’s how to get instant life insurance coverage.


How To Get Insured Without Taking An Exam

Do you want to get covered for life insurance but either don’t want to take a physical exam or hate the thought of needles or blood draws? 

Well, many people feel the same way about exams and blood tests in fact about 10% of the population has a fear of needles and/or blood.

That’s why some insurers now offer consumers the option to purchase their life insurance without taking an exam.

Actually, you may qualify to purchase up to $1,000,000 of life insurance with no exam, just some health questions asked. 


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What is Best Life Insurance

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