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When To Purchase More Life Insurance

When is a Good Time to Purchase More Life Insurance?


You always think that you might have enough life insurance until another major life event happens.  

For our family this has happened on four occasions, after we got married, after we had our first daughter and then after we had our second daughter, and after buying our first home

After each life event, we questioned whether we had taken out enough life insurance on ourselves (both spouses) and each time we weren’t quite sure we had enough to fully protect are growing financial obligations, so we decided to make the needed adjustments to our life insurance plan for our family.

These are just some of the common life insurance questions that people might have when purchasing  more coverage:

  1. How much life insurance do you (and your spouse) have?
  2. How have your financial obligations increased since buying your current life insurance policies?
  3. How much life insurance do you need right now, and in the future, based on current and projected financial commitments?

If you have questions about the amount of additional life insurance you need before buying more life insurance, be sure to speak to your life insurance agent prior to purchasing more coverage.  

Be informed about your life insurance needs, and make sure to take care of your loved ones so they have the financial security they need in the future.

NOTE: Many people use a life insurance needs calculator to help them accurately and instantly determine how much coverage they really need, based on their situation.


When to Purchase More Life Insurance?

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