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Where Can I Buy Mortgage Life Insurance?

Learn About Buying Mortgage Life Insurance 


After you purchase your home you may receive offers from several life insurance companies offering you mortgage insurance.

Unlike private mortgage insurance (PMI) which is required for loans with low down payments and which protect lenders from default, mortgage life insurance is designed to pay off your mortgage loan if you die.

If you own a home or you are buying a new home you may be in the market for mortgage insurance to protect your home loan and your family.

However, a term life insurance policy can be a better value for you and your family because it offers the same protection at lower rates.

And, you can leave the death benefit to your beneficiary (spouse, children, family members, etc.) to use the money as they see fit – which may include to pay off the outstanding balance owed on your home mortgage loan.

Mortgage life insurance benefits usually decrease over time but with level premiums; whereas, term life insurance has death benefits that remain level until your policy expires, with level premiums.

A term life insurance policy can provide you with more coverage at a lower price, and your family will receive the death benefit, not the mortgage lender.

So, you get more protection and the flexibility of choosing who receives the benefits.

Here’s how to compare term life insurance quotes to protect your mortgage. Comparing rates online will help you quickly and easily find the most affordable plan.


How Much is Mortgage Life Insurance Per Month?

The "premium" or price you pay for mortgage coverage each month will depend on the type of policy, duration of coverage, amount of insurance, your age, gender, health and other risk factors; as well as, the insurance company.

Some plans may only cost $15 to $20 per month. Using term life insurance to protect your mortgage may save you quite a bit, and get you affordable protection to fit almost any budget.

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Benefits of Life Insurance on Your Mortgage

  • Peace of Mind for Mortgagee – You get the peace of mind knowing your loved ones can remain in the home they shared with you should you die.
  • Funds to Pay off Mortgage Loan – The mortgage company gets paid off upon your passing.
  • Your Family Can Remain in Your Home Upon Your Passing – Your family will have the money necessary to help them remain on the home, instead of being in financial distress and having to find a less expensive place to live.


Options for Purchasing Mortgage Insurance

  • Buy Direct from Your Mortgage Lender – Private Mortgage Insurance pays the mortgage company if you die.
  • Buy through an Insurance Agent or Broker – Your agent or broker can meet with you and help you compare plans and pricing from among several insurers.
  • Buy Direct Online from Insurance Company – You may purchase your mortgage life insurance policy direct online from a highly-rated insurance company.


What is Home Mortgage Insurance?

It’s financial protection that guarantees the money will be available to pay off the outstanding loan on your home should you die while the insurance coverage is "In Force".


Why Get Mortgage Insurance?

Mortgage protection provides peace of mind to the insured person, financial security for the mortgage company, and it helps to keep your family in their home.


How Does Mortgage Life Insurance Work?

You select a life insurance policy in the amount of your mortgage loan, with a duration (term) that matches the duration of your mortgage loan.

You agree to pay the insurance company "premiums" on a regular basis (usually monthly) and in return, the insurance company agrees to pay the death benefit to the beneficiary of your insurance policy upon your death.


Is a Medical Exam Required?

Usually, there is not a medical exam required when you apply for mortgage protection through your bank or mortgage lender.

However, the price you pay may be higher than if you were to purchase mortgage insurance on your own through an insurance agent or broker, or direct online.


How Long Does It Take to Get Insurance?

It depends on which option you choose for buying your policy. If you go through an agent or the mortgage company, it may take several weeks. 

However, if you buy direct online, you may be able to start your insurance policy within 48 hours, or less.


How Long Do You Need Coverage?

When selecting your policy make sure you choose a "term" (duration of coverage) that matches the length of time you have your home loan – 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

So, if you have a 20-year mortgage loan, you’ll want a 20-year life insurance policy.


How Much Insurance Do You Need?

When purchasing your mortgage policy make sure you match the amount of coverage to your outstanding balance on your mortgage loan. 

So, if you have a mortgage loan of $256,000 – you’ll want to get a policy that provides $256,000 of life insurance coverage.


How to Find the Most Affordable Mortgage Protection Insurance?

The easiest way to find the best price on your plan is to comparison shop for affordable mortgage life insurance rates online from several of the leading insurance carriers.

That way, you can objectively compare pricing from multiple insurers without an agent pressuring you to buy from one insurer that may offer him or her a higher commission.

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Can I Get Mortgage Life Insurance If I Have Cancer?

It depends on your age, health, prognosis, when you were diagnosed, your treatment, and several other key risk factors.

However, there are some insurance companies that do offer term life plans for people living with cancer. You can compare these plans and pricing from several insurers by requesting a free quote through JRC Insurance Group.

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Where Can I Buy Mortgage Life Insurance

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