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Will Life Insurance Cover Cancer?

Will Life Insurance Pay Out A Death Benefit If The Insured Person Dies From Cancer?

Usually, life insurance policies cover death resulting from accidents and natural causes, including cancer.

If there is no exclusion listed in your life insurance policy that specifically excludes death resulting from cancer, there is coverage and a claim will be paid subject to the terms and conditions stated in the insurance contract.


Exceptions to Life Insurance Payout for Cancer


Incontestable Clause – A life insurance policy contains an incontestability clause which states after the policy is in force two years, the company cannot void it because of misrepresentation or concealment by the insured in obtaining the policy.

For example, when asked on the application if there is a history of cancer in the family, the applicant writes no knowing that his or her father and mother both died of cancer. This does not void the policy after two years.  

Misrepresentation (False Pretense) – Misrepresentation is intent to defraud. An insured is required to answer truthfully all questions on the application. The insurance company can void a contract if it would not have issued a policy had it known the true facts. For example, on a life insurance application, if the insured answers that he or she never had cancer, when in fact he or she does have cancer, the insurance company can void the policy.


Specific Exclusion – If there is a specific exclusion stated in the life insurance contract which excludes death resulting from cancer, there will be no payout if the insured person dies as a result of cancer.


How Can I Get Life Insurance If I Have Cancer?

If you currently have cancer there are life insurance companies that specialize in insuring people with cancer, if you meet their guidelines for approval.

For example, there are insurers which insure applicants that have prostate cancer or other forms of treatable cancer.

The important thing to do is to shop for coverage from a life insurance broker with experience placing coverage for people with cancer. One leading online life insurance broker that helps people with cancer find life insurance protection is JRC Insurance Group.


However, if you have been turned down for life insurance due to cancer, there are "Guaranteed Approval" life insurance policies available. These plans guarantee you can get coverage and they will not turn you down due to your health.

If you meet the age requirements (usually 45-75 or 45-85) you are guaranteed acceptance for a life insurance plan. Here’s how to get a guaranteed issue life insurance quote.


How Can I Get Life Insurance If I’m a Cancer Survivor?

If you have survived cancer and your cancer is in remission, congratulations! You’ll find you can qualify for life insurance and probably at a more affordable premium than you might expect.

Depending on your age, health, length of time in remission, type of cancer, and your age, you may qualify for an affordable life insurance plan.

There are several insurers willing to offer coverage for cancer survivors and you can compare the most affordable life insurance rates by visiting JRC Insurance and requesting a FREE Quote.


Cancer Life Insurance Quotes 


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