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How to Get Term Life Quotes

If you’re looking for affordable life insurance to provide financials security for your loved ones, you probably want to comparison shop for the best rates available in a term life insurance policy. 

Term life offers by far the lowest pricing on life insurance coverage and provides protection for a period of up to 30 years to protect your family at a price you can afford.

With term life, you can choose your option of coverage pasting for a duration of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. And, you can compare pricing instantly for each of these options – at any amount of life insurance you need, usually up to $5,000,000.


How to Compare Term Life Quotes


Requesting your free term life insurance premium quotes is Quick and Easy:

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We have partnered with JRC Insurance Group to help you comparison shop for the best pricing available on term life insurance policies.

JRC Insurance has a network of more than 45 of the leading life insurance carriers in America. They have been in business over a dozen years as a nationwide broker of life insurance plans.

JRC lets you shop, compare, and save on life insurance. Regardless of your age or health background, we’ll shop our 45+ carriers and find you the affordable life insurance you need with just one click. 

By working with dozens of highly-rated insurers, JRC is able to help you save money by matching you with the best options available for your age and unique health profile. JRC offers 50 plus years of collective experience and they have helped more than 60,000 families with their life insurance needs.

Term life insurance is commonly purchased for mortgage protection, to provide income replacement for a surviving spouse or family member, estate planning needs, final expenses, or to leave an inheritance behind. Your coverage can be customized to fit your needs with 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 year terms available. 

Get your free quote today and compare rates & benefits from over 45 life insurance providers with no obligation to buy!


Term Life Insurance – Questions and Answers


Q: What is Term Life Insurance?

A: Term life is the lowest priced type of life insurance available. It provides fixed rates and guaranteed coverage for a set period of time. Most insurance companies offer 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30-year terms.


Q: Do I Need a Medical Exam to Qualify for Coverage?

A: Depending on your age, overall health, and amount of life insurance coverage needed, you may be able to qualify for a non-medical term life insurance policy. Instead of requiring an exam, these insurance policies will electronically review your MIB records, prescription history, and driving record prior to approving your application for coverage.


Q: Will My Life Insurance Rates Ever Increase in the Future?

A: Term life insurance provides a fixed amount of life insurance coverage for a set number of years. During the "Term" of your policy, your rates are guaranteed not to increase regardless of any changes to your health, age or lifestyle. The shorter your policy term is, the less expensive your rates will be, and the lower your cost of life insurance.


Q: How Much Life Insurance Coverage Can I Purchase?

A: Depending on your age, most insurance carriers will offer you up to 10 to 35 times your earned annual income amount before taxes. In general, younger applicants may qualify for a larger income multiplier than older applicants, or applicants who are retired – no longer working.


Q: Can My Life Insurance Be Canceled for Any Reason?

A: No, the life insurer you buy your policy from cannot cancel your life insurance coverage for any reason, if your premiums are paid on-time each month. However, you can cancel your policy at any time without any fees or penalties.


Q: What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Life Insurance Policy?

A: When shopping for life insurance, you should review your budget and needs before applying for a policy. Term life insurance is usually purchased to provide income replacement until your planned retirement age, or to secure outstanding debts, like a mortgage, car loan, credit card debt or student loans. 


Q: How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

A: Everyone’s need for life insurance is different and some people need more protection than others. Usually, most people’s need for coverage is determined by their outstanding debts, income, age, financial goals, and the age of their dependents. If you don’t know how much coverage you need, use a life insurance needs calculator.


Q: Who Should I List as Beneficiary of My Life Insurance Policy?

A: Most people list their spouse as their policy’s primary beneficiary. Other common beneficiaries include life partner, family members, a trust, a business, a charity, or an estate. The beneficiary, or beneficiaries, listed on your life insurance policy will receive the full death benefit from your life insurance policy when you pass away.


Q: Does the Policy Pay Out in the Case of Suicide?

A: Once your life insurance policy is active, all accidental and health-related deaths, except for suicide, are covered. After your policy has been active and In Force for more than two years, suicide is also covered. 


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