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What is Level Term Insurance?

Level term is a type of life insurance policy that provides temporary coverage for a specific number of years.

Level term usually provides coverage for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

The Main Benefits of Level Term Life Include:

  1. Guaranteed level rates for the entire term of your life insurance policy.
  2. Guaranteed level amount of life insurance for the term of your policy
  3. Lowest rates for life insurance coverage.

Example: $250,000 10 Year Level Term Life Policy - $250 annual premium.

You would pay $250 each year and if you pass away during the 10 year term, your family (beneficiary) would receive the $250,000 proceeds from your policy. However, if you are alive after the 10 year term life policy expires, your life insurance coverage ends.

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Why Choose Level Term Life Insurance?

Level term life insurance makes it easy for you to budget for your life insurance. Since your life insurance rate stays the same each year, you can count on no increase in your premiums.

Decreasing term life insurance provides coverage that declines each year, but your premiums stay the same.

Level term insurance provides the same amount of life insurance each and every year you own your life insurance policy.

And, level term life provides the most popular type of term insurance, because rates the lowest, you can afford more life insurance protection for your family.

You even get the option of choosing coverage for a period of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years, which offers you the flexibility to buy the life insurance you need, while you need it, to meet your family’s needs.

For example, many families choose a 20 or 30-year level term plan to provide protection for their family until the kids are grown and on their own. And, a 30 year plan can give you protection to pay off the mortgage loan on your home.

When Comparing Level Term Life Insurance Rates Make Sure You Consider:

  • How many years you need life insurance.
  • How much life insurance you need.
  • How much you can afford to pay.

In addition, when reviewing your level term insurance quotes make sure you consider the financial strength rating (which is shown with the quotes). The financial rating is an indication of the insurer’s ability to pay their claims, and meet their financial obligations.

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Level Term Life Insurance Rates

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