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How to Find Cheap Life Insurance Rates

Here are some tips to help you get a lower rate for your new life insurance:

  • Compare rates among several of the top life insurance carriers.
  • Consider term life insurance, which is the lowest priced life insurance.
  • If you smoke – Quit Smoking.
  • Lose weight if you are overweight.
  • Choose annual premium payments instead of monthly.

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If you have an existing life insurance policy "In Force", you may be able reduce the rate you pay for your life insurance, IF;

  • You have lost weight after being rated as overweight on your life insurance.
  • You have quit smoking for 12 months or longer after receiving a smoker’s rate on your life insurance.
  • Reduce the amount of life insurance.
  • Shorten the term (duration) of your term life policy.

If you have lost weight or quit smoking you can contact your life insurance agent or insurance company and ask that they consider changing your rate on your policy based on your improved health. The insurance carrier may require that you take a medical exam, and/or blood test to verify your improved health.

For example, if you have quit smoking and your blood test verifies no nicotine in your system, the insurer may change your rate from a smoker’s rate to a non-smoker rate, which may save you hundreds of dollars per year on the cost of your life insurance plan.

If you need to lower your existing life insurance premiums, you may be able to save money by changing your premium payment option to annual (one payment per year), instead of paying monthly premiums on your policy. Ask your agent if the change in premium payment option would save you money, and how much it could save.

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Life Cheap Insurance Rate

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