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No Medical Life Insurance Quotes

Do You Want No Medical Life Insurance Quotes?

No Medical Term Life Insurance coverage is a type of life insurance policy that does not require a physical exam to qualify for coverage, you just answer some health questions.

Most life insurers require you to take a physical exam and blood test to qualify, depending on your age, and the amount of life insurance you are requesting.

No Medical Life Insurance Quotes and Policies Usually Come In One of Two Forms:

One type called graded life insurance, offers you coverage up to $25,000 with instant approval. However, the full coverage may or may not become effective until you have owned the policy for 1-2 years, depending on the insurer and terms of the policy. These types of life insurance policies are usually considered final expense, or burial policies.

Another form of coverage offers you up to $2,000,000 of protection, with full coverage from the first day you purchase the policy. This is a simplified issue life insurance policy that allows for immediate approval of coverage, based on your answers to a few health questions.

Why Should I Buy No Medical Life Insurance?

Many people choose no medical exam life insurance policies for the following reasons:

  • Qualify Same Day You Apply.
  • No Medical Exam, just some health questions
  • 30 day Money-Back Guarantee
  • "A-" Rated Insurance Company

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No medical life insurance quotes offer you the opportunity to compare prices, and buy life insurance online by answering a few health questions, and you don’t have to take a physical exam.

Who May Qualify?

Usually, most people may qualify for coverage. If you are in good or average health, you may qualify. If you are in poor health, you may not meet the requirements for qualification. You just answer a few health questions online and find out within 15 minutes if you qualify for a policy.

How Much Does It Cost?

You may pay a little more for this type of policy, because coverage is available online. There is no extensive underwriting of your risk, so the rates a little higher to account for the higher risk to the life insurance company of accepting people who may not qualify for coverage with other companies.

Where Is This Coverage Offered?

You can find offers for no medical exam life insurance quotes and coverage online through a few top-rated insurers. Rates and amounts of coverage available may differ by life insurance company.

Also, review the terms of the life insurance policy, since full coverage may not become effective until you have owned the policy for a period of time.

Click here to review offers for term life insurance no medical exam required, just answer a few medical questions.

How Do I Apply for Coverage?

You can request a quote online. Just answer a few medical questions and get an instant quote. If you like your rates you can request coverage and pay your first premium online with your credit card. If you qualify, you can usually be insured today. Your coverage begins the same day. You usually have a 30 day "Free Look" period, depending on the insurer. So, if you want to cancel your policy for any reason you can get a full refund of your money paid within the first 30 days. Terms and conditions of the policy may vary by insurer.


Life insurance no medical exam policies (just answer a few medical questions) offer a quick and easy way to get life insurance protection at affordable rates. Rates may be higher than other policies, but there’s less hassle and you can get protection today if you qualify for coverage.

No Medical Life Insurance Quotes

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Buy up to $500,000 of term life insurance online with no medical exam required. People age 65 and under may qualify for coverage. Rated "A-" (Excellent) by AM Best for financial strength. Get your free life insurance quote now.

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