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Term or Whole Life - Which Is Better?

The best type of life insurance for you will depend on your situation and what you want your life insurance to accomplish.

Term life is best for life insurance needs that last 30 years or less. Or, anyone who needs the most life insurance at the lowest cost.

Whole life insurance is best for people who need life insurance to last their entire lifetime, and have enough money to afford to pay more for life insurance.

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Is There Life Insurance for Parents Over 75 Years Old?

Yes, there may be life insurance available for parents over the age of 75.

However, the type and amount of life insurance available may be limited depending on the health and age of the people to be insured.

There are guaranteed issue life insurance policies available for people between the ages of 45 to 85.

These guaranteed issue plans provide guaranteed approval for anyone who meets the age requirements for acceptance, regardless of health.

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30 Year Life Insurance

Is there life insurance I can buy for a period of 30 years?

Yes, it's called 30 year term life insurance and it offers level premiums and a level amount of life insurance protection lasting for a duration of 30 years.

If you pass away during the 30 year term, your beneficiary receives the death benefit payout.

If you are alive when the 30 year term expires, there is no payout of any benefits.

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Decreasing Life Mortgage Insurance

What is decreasing life mortgage insurance?

It's a type of life insurance that decreases over time inline with the decline of the balance owed on your home mortgage loan.

Each year, the amount of life insurance gets lower, as the amount you owe on your mortgage declines.

However, many people choose level term life insurance to protect their mortgage loans because it's affordable and you may choose your own beneficiary (spouse or family member) to receive the death benefit, which can be used to payoff your mortgage.

And, with level term life, the amount of life insurance coverage does not decrease over time.

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Term Life Insurance Age Limit

Is there an age limit for term life insurance?

It may depend on the insurance company, but many insurer offer term life insurance plans to people up to age 75.

For example, a 75 year old may be able to purchase a 5 or 10 year term life plan, depending on his or her health.

Whereas, a 15 year term life policy may be available to people up to age 65 or 70.

After age 75 it may be difficult to get approved for a term life insurance policy.

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Buy Online Term Insurance Plan

Can I buy a term life insurance plan over the internet?

Yes, in fact, some insurers even offer no exam term life insurance policies which qualified applicants may start today.

One insurer offers up to $2,000,000 of same-day coverage on term life insurance for healthy individuals between the ages of 20 to 60.

However, you may want to shop and compare term life plans to help you find the best price on a policy from the highest-rated insurance company.

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Do You Get Any Money Back at Termination of a Term Life Insurance Policy?

If you own a term life insurance policy and your policy term has ended, your life insurance coverage is no longer In Force, and there is no payout of any benefits and no return of any premiums paid.

However, if you have return of premium term life insurance, and you outlive the duration of your policy term, you will get back almost all of the premiums you paid for your life insurance policy.

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Best Term Life Insurance for Senior Citizens

What is the best term life insurance coverage for a senior?

It's the plan that meets your needs and accomplishes your goals.

You'll want to find the plan that offers the most affordable price from a highly-rated insurance company.

Make sure to consider how long you need your coverage to last and how much life insurance you really need.

You'll want to compare multiple life insurance quotes from several of the leading life insurance companies to help you find an affordable plan from a reputable carrier.

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How Can You Get Insurance to Pay off House If You Die?

An affordable way to get life insurance to pay off your home mortgage loan is to buy a term life insurance policy in the amount of your loan, and with the same duration (term) of coverage as the length of time your loan will last.

You can name your spouse, partner or family member as the beneficiary, and that person could use the death benefit to pay off your mortgage loan and remain in the home.

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What is Guaranteed Approval Life Insurance?

Guaranteed approval life insurance means you cannot be turned down for coverage off you apply, and meet the age requirements for acceptance.

Guaranteed plans are available for people between the ages of 45 to 85; however, age requirements may vary by insurance carrier.

With guaranteed policies you will not have to take a medical exam or answer any health questions.

And, you may be able to buy a policy from more than one insurer.

So, even if you have health issues, or you have been turned down before, you can get insured.

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