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Easy to Apply for Life Insurance

Where can I get easy apply life insurance coverage on the internet?

There are several insurers now offering consumers the ability to apply online for their life insurance coverage.

Some insurers limit the amount of online coverage to $100,000 while others offer as much as $1,000,000 or more of easy apply life insurance protection.

By easy, it usually means there is an online application which takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. And, there's no medical exam needed.

The insurer makes a decision about your application for coverage by reviewing your answers to the health questions and analyzes other information about the applicant.

You may find out in as little as 10 minutes if you qualify to buy a policy.

Once approved you may begin your life insurance coverage immediately.

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What is the Shortest Term for a Life Insurance Policy?

Since term life insurance is temporary coverage lasting for the duration of your term, policy lengths can vary from 1 year up to 30 years.

Most term life insurance policies are issued for a term of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years of protection.

However, the shortest duration for a term life policy is usually one year.

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No Questions Asked Burial Insurance

Do you need burial insurance without any health questions asked?

Today, it’s quicker and easier than ever before to get the life insurance protection you need to cover the cost of your burial, funeral and related final expenses.

And, you can get insured without answering any questions about your health.

Many people ages 45 to 85 choose guaranteed issue life insurance to help cover their final expenses including a burial.

It can help provide peace of mind for you and protect your family from the financial burden of having to pay for your funeral and burial costs upon your passing.

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No Health Question Life Insurance Plans

Are there any life insurance plans available that offer coverage without any questions asked about your health?

Yes, there are basically two types of no question life insurance available: Accidental death and Guaranteed Issue.

Accidental death insurance only covers you if you pass away from an accident.

Whereas, guaranteed issue life insurance covers death by accident or natural causes.

With guaranteed issue life insurance you are guaranteed approval for coverage if you meet the age requirements.

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Life Insurance Refused on Medical Grounds?

If you have been turned down for life insurance because of medical reasons, you may be wondering how you can get insured.

Don't worry, there is another answer.

In fact, there are life insurance plans that even offer "Guaranteed Approval" coverage - which means you cannot be denied coverage due to any health problems.

As long as you meet the age requirements, you can get insured.

These plans do offer a limited amount of life insurance protection, usually $25,000 or less.

But, some coverage is better than no life insurance coverage.

And, if you need more protection, you can purchase guaranteed coverage from more than one life insurance company.

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How to find the Best Price on No Physical Exam Life Insurance?

Are You Looking for the Best Price on No Physical Exam for Life Insurance Coverage?

If so, you should know that no physical exam life insurance may cost more than life insurance that does require you to take a physical.

And, the amount of coverage available for no physical life insurance is usually limited to around $1,000,000 or less, depending on the insurer. 

However, you can buy coverage from more than one life insurance company.

Now, for the good news: You can compare instant quotes for life insurance with no physical online. It's quick, easy and affordable.

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Which Carriers offer Life Insurance for a High Risk?

When it comes to buying life insurance for someone considered a high risk, you may find to costly if you are able to qualify for a policy.

You could get in touch with a local life insurance broker with access to insurers that specialize in insuring people considered a high risk. These plans will require a physical examination and review if your medical records.

In addition, there are other options available - guaranteed issue life insurance policies.

With guaranteed issue plans you will not have to take an exam and you will not have to answer any questions about your health.

And, if you meet the age requirement, you are guaranteed approval for a life insurance policy.

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Can I Buy Life Insurance without taking any Blood Tests?

Yes, you may qualify to purchase life insurance without any blood tests required.

No Blood Life Insurance protection is now available online. Just answer a few health questions to see if you qualify for coverage.

If you’re looking for life insurance protection without taking a blood test, or a physical exam (just a few health questions), then you've come to the right place.

Many people don’t have the time to take tests, or just don’t like the thought of needles.

And, about 10% of the population has a fear of needles and/or blood.

Now, you can get up to $1,000,000 of life insurance with no medical exam and no blood tests, just some health questions. That’s right, no doctors and no needles.

You can apply online and get approved today. If you qualify, your coverage can start immediately.

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Pre Existing Condition Insurance Policy

Can someone with a pre-existing health condition get life insurance coverage?

Yes, there are insurance companies that specialize in insuring high risk people.

There are also life insurance plans offering guaranteed approval for seniors age 45 to 85.

So, if you meet the age requirements, you can get insured, even if you have been denied coverage through other life insurance companies.

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Life Insurance for People with HIV?

Can people living with HIV qualify to purchase life insurance coverage?

HIV Life Insurance used to be an option that just did not exist for people infected with the HIV virus.

Many life insurance companies do not have enough information to make a fair assessment of the risk, to properly underwrite the risk of insuring people with HIV for life insurance.

A study performed by the Dutch Association of Insurers announced on March 15, 2002, that "HIV is no more of a risk factor for insurers than someone with diabetes – a positive step toward increasing the insurability of HIV patients."

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