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Term vs Whole Life Comparison

How does term insurance compare to a whole life policy?

Term and whole life insurance are the two basic types if life insurance policies.

There are several differences between these two types of life insurance.

Term life is coverage for a specific period of time; whereas, whole life provides guaranteed lifetime coverage.

Term life is flexible, providing life insurance for the period of time you need protection - allowing you to choose coverage from 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

Term life costs a lot less than whole life insurance.

Term life is not an investment, it is pure protection, and does not build up any cash value inside the policy.

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Life Insurance Amount Calculator

What is a life insurance amount calculator?

It's a calculator you can use to help you determine how much life insurance to buy.

You just answer some basic questions about your finances and click on the button to receive an instant, accurate estimate of your life insurance needs.

Why guess when it's so important to have enough life insurance to properly protect your loved ones?

Now you can you a life insurance amount calculator and find out in just a few minutes how much life insurance to buy.

Can I Buy a Life Insurance Policy Online?

Yes, you may be able to purchase life insurance coverage on the internet.

There are several insurers that now offer the option of allowing consumers to apply for and purchase a life insurance plan direct online from a safe, secure connection.

Whether you qualify for coverage or not will depend on the insurer's requirements for approval, your age, health and your answers to the health questions asked on the application.

In addition, some insurers offer more competitive rates than others, and some offer higher limits of coverage compared to other insurers.

But, you may be able to purchase online life insurance from more than one insurance carrier.

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What is the Benefit of Term Life Conversion?

What are the benefits of converting my term life insurance policy into a permanent life insurance policy?

There are several benefits of converting term to permanent coverage, including:

1. Guaranteed lifetime life insurance protection.

2. Guaranteed level premiums.

3. Life insurance that may build cash value from which you may take a loan in the future, if needed.

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What is a Term Length for Life Insurance Coverage?

A "term" length for life insurance refers to the duration of a term life insurance policy.

Since term insurance is temporary coverage, you select a duration or "term" for your term life policy.

The term is how long the term insurance protection will last.

Most carriers offer term insurance for a duration of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

The longer your term, the higher your annual cost of life insurance.

Here's how to learn more about term insurance and how it works.

Is there Senior Burial Insurance over Age 80?

Yes, there is an insurer that offer guaranteed issue burial life insurance for people ages 45 to 85.

These plans guaranteed your approval for coverage.

There's no health exam needed and you won't have to answer any questions about the condition of your health.

So, even if you have health problems or you have been turned down for life insurance by another insurance company, you can still get insured.

You may be able to choose from $3,000 up to $25,000 of coverage.

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Is there No Physical Term Life Insurance?

Yes, there are term insurance plans that do not require you to take a physical exam.

However, these policies are only available to people who qualify for coverage based on their answers to some health questions.

Also, there are age limitations, meaning only people of a certain age group may qualify - for instance, people ages 20 to 60.

The requirements for acceptance will vary by insurer with some carriers offering up to $500,000 or more of life insurance without any exam needed.

In addition, if you qualify, you may be able to start your life insurance coverage today.

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Guaranteed Burial Life Insurance

Is there burial insurance you can buy that guarantees your approval?

Yes, there are guaranteed acceptance burial insurance plans available for people ages 45 up to 85.

With guaranteed approval plans you cannot be turned down for a policy if you meet the age requirements.

Some plans may offer to to $25,000 of burial life insurance protection.

With guaranteed plans there is no physical exam needed and you won't have to answer any questions about your health.

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Mortgage Insurance for Life of a Loan?

What is mortgage insurance for the life of a loan?

It's a form of life insurance you purchase when you get a home loan to make sure the insurance provides enough money to your beneficiary to pay off the remaining balance owed on your home mortgage loan should you pass away before the loan is fully repaid.

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What are the age limits for Burial Insurance?

Usually, seniors purchase burial insurance to help pay for the cost of their final expenses including a funeral and burial.

However, there are plans available for people ages 45 up to 85.

You can request a free quote online. There's no health exam required and you won't have to answer any questions about your health.

If you are between the ages of 45 to 85 you cannot be turned down for health reasons.

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Shopping for The Cheapest Life Insurance

What is the cheapest life insurance?

The lowest priced life insurance is term insurance for the shortest period of time available - from 1 year up to 30 years of protection.

The way to find the cheapest rates on life insurance is to compare multiple quotes form several of the most competitive insurers.

In addition, the younger and healthier you are when you purchase life insurance, the lower your cost of life insurance coverage.

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Who Gets The Money from a Life Insurance Policy?

The beneficiary is the person(s) who receives the death benefit payout upon the death if the insured.

The owner of the life insurance policy selects a beneficiary(s) and that person(s) is named in the life insurance policy.

The beneficiary can be more than one person, the owner decides who receives the proceeds from the life insurance policy.

Usually, the death benefit is paid out free from federal taxes in one lump sum upon the death of the insured.

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What is the Cheapest Type of Life Insurance Policy?

Term insurance is the cheapest type of life insurance policy available for several reasons:

1. It is temporary coverage.

2. It does not build cash value.

3. It is not an investment - it is "pure protection".

4. There may or may not be a pay out on your policy, depending on when the insured person dies.

Learn more about term insurance and how it works

Why Choose Term Life Insurance for Your Family?

If you're in the market for affordable life insurance to provide financial security for your family, you may want to consider term life insurance.

Why term life for family protection?

It's simple - Term insurance offers you the most life insurance for your money.

Term insurance is easy to understand.

And, term insurance is flexible - offering you a choice of duration for your life insurance from 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years to meet your family's specific life insurance needs.

If you are on a budget and need life insurance for your family, term insurance may be the right choice for you.

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Life Insurance - The Easy Method

What is the easiest method of purchasing a life insurance policy?

The quickest and easiest way to buy your life insurance plan is to apply for coverage on the internet.

There are insurers now offering "same day" life insurance coverage which you can purchase completely online.

The process is safe and secure allowing for applicants to request a free price quote, apply online and get insured today - if qualified.

Some plans offer from $50,000 up to $1,000,000 of quick life insurance protection, but the amount available depends on your age, health and the insurance company limitations.

Since these plans usually come with a 30 day money back guarantee, there is no risk to the consumer.

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What is Spouse Term Life Insurance?

Spouse term life insurance is temporary life insurance you purchase on your spouse.

Term life lasts for a specific number of years. Term life policies may offer coverage for a period of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years, usually.

The longer the duration of coverage, the higher your annual premium (cost) for the life insurance coverage.

There is an insurable interest between spouses which is required for someone to buy life insurance on another person, so spouses can buy life insurance on one another.

Many times a person may purchase life insurance on his or her spouse to replace the spouse's income should he or she die.

Many couples purchase term life insurance on each other to last until their home mortgage is fully repaid or the kids are grown up and on their own.

That way, if one spouse passes away unexpectedly, the surviving spouse will not suffer any undue financial hardship.

Here's how to find affordable spouse term life insurance coverage today.

Best Life Insurance Company Ratings?

What are the best ratings on life insurance companies?

The best or highest ratings for insurance carriers are issued by independent rating agencies, including AM Best, Moody's and Standard & Poor's, among others.

These rating agencies review the financials of insurers and issue a financial strength rating based on their assessment of the financial stability of the insurance company.

Depending on the rating agency, the highest rating may be an "A++" rating or an "AAA" rating.

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