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Short Term Life Insurance Quotes

What are short term life insurance quotes?

They are price estimates for life insurance that will last for an abbreviated period of time.

For example short term life insurance may provide protection for a period of 5 years or less.

Many people choose to purchase short term coverage due to losing a job and being without employer provide life insurance.

Others need short term protection due to a short term loan they took out for a duration lasting for five years or less.

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North Carolina Life Insurance Quotes

How can I get life insurance quotes in North Carolina?

Whether you live in Raleigh, Winston--Salem, Durham, or anywhere in the state of North Carolina, you may have several options for comparing quotes on life insurance.

First, you could contact friends and family members for a referral of their life insurance agents.

Next, you could call local life insurance agents and brokers to compare pricing.

Or, you could contact insurers direct by phone.

Still another option is to visit a life insurance website that offers free quote comparisons from multiple life insurance carriers - that way you get an objective comparison of the most affordable life insurance policies.

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When Does Life Insurance End?

If you own a life insurance policy you may be wondering when your coverage will expire?

Well, that depends on what type of life insurance policy you have.

If you own a permanent life policy, your coverage will last your entire lifetime, as long as you pay your premiums.

If you have a term life policy, your life insurance will expire at the end of your policy term. So, if you have a 10 year term policy, your coverage ends after ten years.

Keep in mind, some term life plans offer renewability, which means you may renew your coverage for another term when your original policy expires.

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How Should I Buy Life Insurance?

The first step in buying your life insurance policy is to determine how much life insurance coverage you need, what type of life insurance will work best to meet your life insurance needs, and how much it will cost for your life insurance coverage.

With life insurance you cannot just pick out the life insurance policy with the features that you like. You must qualify medically, and your overall risk determines your rate for your life insurance plan.

What life insurance company you use and the type of life insurance policy you choose also figure into the premium you will pay for your coverage.

You may want to talk to a licensed independent life insurance agent who can help you determine how much you life insurance need, explain what types of life insurance policies work best to meet your need, and then shop around to find the best rate on the life insurance for which you qualify.

Here is a life insurance buying checklist to help you with the life insurance buying process.

Can I Buy Life Insurance Online?

Are you looking to purchase your life insurance policy direct on the internet?

If so, you may have a few options you haven't yet considered.

For instance, did you know there's one insurer rated A++ for financial strength that offers up to $1,000,000 of life insurance you may purchase online today at affordable rates?

And, there's another insurer rated A+ that offers up to $100,000 of coverage with no exams, just a few health questions.

And, for those with health issues, there is a well-known insurer that offers guaranteed acceptance life insurance for people ages 45 to 85.

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Can I Buy Life Insurance on Someone Else?

Did you know you may be able to buy life insurance on another person?

That's right. If you have an insurable interest in someone, you may be able to purchase life insurance on that person.

If you rely on someone for financial support or you would suffer a financial loss should the person die, you may buy life insurance on that person.

Many people choose to buy life insurance on their spouse to replace their spouse's income.

Others buy life insurance on their elderly parents to help pay for their parent's final expenses.

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What affects Term Insurance Rates?

I need term insurance coverage.

What factors will impact the rate I pay per $1,000 of term life insurance?

There are several risk factors affecting term rates including your age, gender, health, tobacco use, height, weight, driving record, hobbies, occupation, etc.

In addition, the duration of coverage affects your rate.

You may choose term life for a duration of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. The longer your term, the higher your annual cost of insurance.

And, the higher your amount of coverage, the higher your rate per $1,000 of life insurance.

Here's how you can shop and compare term insurance rates online to help you find the most affordable plan.

Can I Buy Life Insurance If I Have Cancer?

Is there life insurance for people living with cancer?

Yes, there are insurance carriers that may offer life insurance to people with cancer.

Fully underwritten policies requiring a medical exam may be more difficult to get approved, and will depend on your age, overall health, prognosis, type of cancer and treatment, among other factors.

In addition, there are guaranteed issue policies for people ages 45-85 with no exams and no questions asked about your health.

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Accurate Term Life Insurance Quotes

How can I get accurate term life insurance pice quotes?

There are several steps you may take to receive accurate quotes on term life insurance plans, including:

1. Answer all questions truthfully on the quote request form.

2. Get quotes from multiple life insurance quotes.

Remember, the more information required to get your quotes, the better, because the insurer is better able to determine your health and overall risk for life insurance coverage, which means they can give you a more accurate estimate of the cost for your life insurance.

Also, life insurance quotes are not a guarantee, they are an estimate of your cost of life insurance.

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Whole Life Insurance with No Health Questions

Are there whole life insurance policies available without any health questions asked?

Yes, there are, they are called "guaranteed approval" whole life insurance policies.

This means, you cannot be denied coverage due to any health issues.

If you meet the age requirements for acceptance, your approval if guaranteed regardless of your health.

Some plans offer guaranteed coverage for people age 45 to 85.

There are no health examinations required and no questions asked about the condition of your health.

You may select up to $25,000 of whole life insurance coverage.

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