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What Does Level Term Mean In Life Insurance?

Level term in life insurance means the period of time you have life insurance protection with level premiums.

A level term life insurance policy has level premiums and level amount of coverage efor the duration of your "term".

A term may last for a period of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years, usually. You choose the term of your policy when you purchase your coverage.

Example: 10 year term of $100,000 coverage for $200 premium.

In the example above, you would have $100,000 of life insurance coverage for a period of 10 years. You would pay $200 each year for the ten year term.

Level term insurance is the most affordable type of life insurance for a period of 30 years or less.

Learn more about level term life insurance coverage.

Term Life Insurance IQ Test

Are you shopping for term life insurance protection for your family?

How much do you know about term life insurance?

If you're in the market for affordable life insurance but haven't taken the time to learn how life insurance works, you may want to take a short test to learn a few things first, before buying your life insurance policy.

Go take our Term Life Insurance IQ Test now and find out what you need to know.

Why Cancel Whole Life Insurance?

Are you considering canceling your whole life insurance policy?

You may have a very good reason to discontinue your coverage, but before you do, make sure you no longer have a need for life insurance.

Whole life insurance guarantees lifetime coverage with premiums that remain the same throughout your life.

But, many people find they want or need to cancel their whole life insurance at some point in time.

Some of the more common reasons people may choose to cancel whole life insurance may include the following

1. You can no longer afford the premiums.

2. You no longer have a need for life insurance.

3. Your spouse passed away so you have no one to leave the life insurance death benefit.

4. You want to cash in the whole life insurance policy to get all of the cash value.

If you need more affordable life insurance coverage, you may want to consider term life insurance which offers lower rates for a period of u to 30 years.

Term Life Insurance in NY

I want to buy term life insurance coverage and I live in New York.

How can I com are new york term life insurance rates

It's easy to com are rates for level term life insurance plans in NY.

Before comparing rates make sure you understand how term life insurance works.

It provides temporary life insurance for a set period of time - usually you can choose a term of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years of life insurance coverage.

Term life has the lowest rates for a short period of time of 30 years or less of life insurance.

When comparing rates make sure you consider the AM Best financial strength rating of the insurance companies. The higher the rating, the more financially secure the insurance carrier.

Also, find out if the coverage offers renewability, meaning you can renew your term life policy for another term when the first term ends.

And, can you convert your term life inset a permanent life insurance policy

Here's how you can compare rates for term life insurance ny today.

Test Your Life Insurance IQ

Do you need life insurance?

If so, you may have several questions about life insurance and maybe you're not quite sure what life insurance is right for you.

That's okay. It's common to have feelings of uncertainty when it comes to making such an important purchase as life insurance.

But, what do you actually know about life insurance?

Here's a life insurance IQ test to test your knowledge about life insurance and how it works.

The test will show you your results and help you get a better understanding of life insurance.

Do you need life insurance with no exam?

Are you looking for life insurance but don;t want to have to take a physical examination?

If so, you have several option sot choose from when it comes to finding an affordable no exam life insurance policy.

First, you should know that no exam life insurance will cost you more than life insurance that does require applicants to take a medical exam.

However, there are some benefits to no exam life insurance:

1. You can get life insurance with no health exam, no needles, no blood tests and no urine tests.

2. There's no need to meet with an insurance agent.

3. You can apply completely online.

4. If approved, you may start your life insurance policy today.

Some of the leading types of life insurance with no exam include instant issue simplified plans that offer people age 60 and under up to $350,000 of term life insurance and your coverage begins immediately.

Other plans may offer lower amounts of life insurance for people age 78 and under, but the coverage may be graded death benefit meaning you will not have full coverage immediately.

Here's how you can compare no exam life insurance plans online today.

Why Would I Need Life Insurance For My Kids?

There many reasons parents choose to buy life insurance for their kids.

First, if you lose your child the policy would provide funds to help pay for your child's funeral and burial.

In addition, kid's life insurance plans can build up some cash inside the policy over the years which would allow for your child to take a loan if needed in he future.

And, there's guaranteed insurability for your child as an adult, so your child has the life insurance protection when they need it most, regardless of their health or occupation.

Child life insurance plans may also offer an option of increasing the amount of life insurance coverage when your child becomes an adult.

Child life insurance provides permanent life insurance at low rates your child can keep for their entire lifetime.

Here's how to get life insurance for your kids.

Does Divorce Affect Life Insurance?

Divorce does not automatically affect your life insurance coverage.

Unless the policy owner makes changes to the life insurance policy, either by choice or court order, the insurance policy will remain the same as before the divorce.

If you get divorced, a court order may require you to take out life insurance and name a specific person as the beneficiary; for example, naming your ex-spouse or child as beneficiary to guarantee that money will be provided for the financial security of your child should you pass away before the child becomes an adult.

That is why it is important to review your life insurance after a divorce, or your death benefit may go to the wrong person.

Upon getting a divorce you should review your life insurance needs, and update your beneficiaries listed on your life insurance policy.

Life Insurance Company Rankings

What are life insurance company rankings?

It's a way to measure which life insurance carriers.

There are several methods used for comparing the best life insurance companies.

One is to compare carriers based on their financial strength ratings. Those with the highest ratings from AM best (A++) would be ranked as the best insurance companies.

Other ways to rank life insurance carriers include rankings by total market capitalization, total number of individual life insurance policies issued for the previous year, or by quality of customer service.

Here is a list of several different life insurance company rankings for your comparison.

Does Term Life Insurance Have Any Cash Value?

No, a Term Life Insurance policy does not have any cash value.

Term life is considered pure death protection, in that its only function it to pay the death benefit from the life insurance policy if the insured person dies while the coverage is "In Force", before the term expires.

Term life is not designed to borrow from, and if you surrender a Term life insurance policy, there will be no cash paid back to you.

The only type of term life insurance that pays any money back is return premium term life insurance which returns most of the premiums paid if you outlive the term of your policy.