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How to get an Online Quote for Term Life Insurance?

How can I get a quote for term life insurance coverage?

The entire process of comparing the best rates on term life insurance is quick and easy.

Actually, you can request and compare the lowest rates from 40 top carriers in about 2 minutes.

You just answer some basic questions about your age, gender, health and life insurance needs. Then, just click on a button to get your instant price comparisons.

Your life insurance quotes are free and there's no need to meet with an agent.

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Where can my grandma who is 85 buy life insurance?

There is an A++ rated life insurance company that offers life insurance for people ages 45 up to 85.

It's called "guaranteed issue" life insurance and anyone age 45 to 85 cannot be declined for coverage due to any health problems.

In fact, there's no health exam needed and no health questions asked.

You may choose up to $25,000 of life insurance coverage.

Learn more about life insurance with guaranteed approval.

Is Burial Insurance different from Final Expense Insurance?

No, they are both the same thing.

They are low value, whole life insurance policies that provide lifetime protection.

These plans are usually guaranteed approval, which means you cannot be turned down due to any health issues.

And there's no health exam required and no health questions asked.

Some plans offer up to $25,000 of life insurance coverage, and you may be able to purchase a policy from more than one insurance company.

Learn more about burial insurance coverage.

What is Level Term Insurance?

Level term insurance is life insurance protection that lasts for a specific number of years, usually from 10-30 years.

With level term you choose the amount of coverage and length of your term, and your premiums and death benefit remain the same for the entire duration of your coverage.

It's the most affordable life insurance providing protection for a period of 30 years to less.

Level term policies offers coverage for a term of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years, providing you affordable, flexible life insurance protection for your family.

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What is Individual Life Insurance?

Individual life insurance as its name implies, is an individual insurance policy in which you apply for coverage on your own.

You, or usually a family member, will own the actual life insurance policy.

In order to obtain an individual policy, you'll probably have to undergo a medical exam of some sort, provide a detailed medical history, and give the insurance company permission to look into your medical records and perform a background check on any driving offenses and criminal activities.

This might sound a little invasive, but there are some great benefits to owning an individual life insurance policy.

1. It's portable - If you take a new job at a different company, you don't have to worry about losing your life insurance protection.

2. Level premiums - Generally, individual policies can be structured to have level premiums for the duration of the policy; typically this is a 10-, 20- or 30-year period.

3. Flexibility - If you ever want to upgrade or convert your term life insurance policy to a permanent life insurance policy, you might have more options available with an individual policy than you would with a group life insurance plan.

Here's how to buy an individual life insurance policy online today.

What if I Lie About My Medical History on a Life Insurance Application?

Lying on your life insurance application is not a good idea.

If you lie about your medical history, medications, or certain lifestyle habits such as smoking, you can be found guilty of misrepresentation, and your claim can be denied, and your beneficiaries left with little or nothing from your life insurance policy if you die.

If you lie about anything on your application for life insurance coverage and the life insurance company discovers it while you are still living, the insurance policy may be adjusted, or cancelled, and in some states you may be charged with insurance fraud.

Always tell the truth when you apply for life insurance coverage.

Which is Better Term or Whole Life Insurance?

The best type of life insurance is the one that meets your personal needs.

If you need life insurance that will last for a period of 30 years or less, then term life is a good option.

If you need life insurance that is guaranteed to last your entire lifetime, then whole life is a good option.

Term life offers you the option of purchasing coverage for a duration of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. The shorter your term, the lower your annual premium for coverage.

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What is Term Insurance No Physical?

It's a type of life insurance policy that provides temporary protection for a period of up to 30 years.

There's no physical examination required, you just answer some health questions to find out if you qualify for coverage.

You may be able to start your life insurance policy the same day you apply online, if you qualify.

Depending on your age ad health, you can get up to $1,000,000 of affordable life insurance coverage, if qualified.

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What is Term Life Insurance Definition?

Term life insurance is defined as a type of life insurance policy that provides temporary coverage for a specified period of time.

Term life usually offers options for coverage duration which last for a "term" of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

The "term" is the length of time you have the life insurance protection.

The longer your "term", the higher your annual cost of coverage.

Learn more about how a term life insurance policy works.

What is Mortgage Insurance?

One of the basic uses for life insurance, so called because many family breadwinners leave life insurance for the specific purposed of paying off a home mortgage balance outstanding at the time of their death.

Reducing term life insurance was at one time mainly used for mortgage insurance, but as level term life insurance premiums decreased over the years, it has become the life insurance policy of choice for mortgage insurance.

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