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Who is 1ClickCoverage?

1ClickCoverage is an online provider of instant life insurance quote comparison from a network of more than 70 leading life insurance carriers.

With 1clickcoverage you fill out ones quote request form one time and you instantly receive up to 12 of the lowest life insurance rate quotes from over 70 highly-rated life insurance companies.

And, with 1clickcoverage you can compare no exam life insurance rates, too. If you qualify, you may buy up to $350,000 of life insurance online without any health exam.

If approved, you may start your life insurance coverage today.

Learn more about 1ClickCoverage and compare your free life insurance quotes online now.

1Clickcoverage offers you savings up to 70% on your term life insurance policy.

Can You Sell A Term Life Insurance Policy?

Term life insurance does not have any cash value, so is usually not the type of life insurance policy that people can sell in a life settlement.

If the insured person is in very poor health or very old, and there are many years left on the term life insurance policy, it may be possible to sell it.

The buyer would purchase the term life policy from the insured by becoming the beneficiary for a payment to the insured.

The buyer would purchase the term policy with the expectation of the insured not living very long.

Final Expense Insurance Rates

Are you shopping for a final expense insurance plan?

If so, you may want to compare rates online to get an idea of how much your final expense policy may cost.

The rates do vary by insurance carrier because plans may offer differing amounts of coverage, and some carriers will have different age requirements for acceptance.

Also, the insurer's financial strength rating is important - the financial rating is an indication of the insurer's ability to pay their claims and meet all financial obligations. The higher the rating, the more financially secure the insurance company.

When comparing rates for final expense policies make sure you find out if the rate is guaranteed for your entire lifetime and the amount of life insurance will remain the same each year for your entire life.

Keep in mind, these plans may have graded death benefits, meaning you may not have immediate full coverage, but after two years of being insured, you should have 100% coverage, depending on the insurer.

Here's how to get your final expense insurance rate and apply online for your final expense policy today.

Five Reasons to Purchase Level Term Life Insurance

If you're looking for an affordable life insurance plan, you may want to consider level term life insurance.

Level term insurance offers you the lowest rates on up to 30 years of life insurance protection.

Here's the top 5 reasons to buy level term:

1. Rates guaranteed for up to 30 years.

2. Flexibility – Choose term of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

3. Easy to Understand

4. Convert to Permanent Life Insurance

5. Offers you the Maximum amount of life insurance protection for your budget.

If you have a short term need for life insurance for a period of 5 to 30 years of coverage, then level term life insurance may be the right choice for you.

Here's how you can learn more about level term life insurance and request your free quote comparisons online now.

Why Does Life Insurance Test Blood?

Typically a life insurance blood test is used to verify the information an applicant provides on the application for life insurance regarding any previous drug use, tobacco use, and diseases.

Each life insurance company sets its own standards for what types of things that are tested for when it comes to blood testing for a life insurance application.

If you have answered all of the questions truthfully that were asked during the application process there should be no increase in premium offered, as long as you meet the insurer's requirements for approval.

Life insurance carriers test your blood so that they can more accurately assess the rate you will be charged for your life insurance coverage, or if you are able to qualify for the life insurance policy.

Blood tests can identify any health issues that the applicant may not be aware they have, such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol or liver disease.

Blood tests also uncover nicotine or drug use that is not admitted to on the application for life insurance.

By testing your blood, the life insurance company helps to more accurately assess the risk you resent to them for a possible life insurance claim, and how they should rate you for your coverage.

Learn more about life insurance blood testing.

Can You Get Cash From A Term Life Insurance Policy?

Term life insurance policies do not have any cash value, so there is no cash to take out of a term life policy.

If you buy an ROP (return of premium) term life insurance policy , it will pay you back most of the premiums you paid for your policy if you are alive at the end of the policy term.

Many term life insurance policies now offer a free terminal illness rider which is coverage added to your policy that will allow you to take up to half of your life insurance policy death benefit in cash if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

And several term life policies will allow you to use the death benefit as cash if you are diagnosed with certain critical illnesses.

This type of additional coverage allows you to access living benefits from your term life insurance policy while still alive.

Learn more about how accelerated death benefits work.

What Happens If I Miss A Life Insurance Payment?

If you miss a life insurance premium payment, the first thing to do is call your life insurance company.

You can find out what happened to correct that, and they will tell you a way to get payment to them most quickly so you keep your life insurance coverage "In Force".

You may want to switch your method of paying your premiums to automatic withdrawal from your checking account to prevent a missed payment from happening in the future.

Your Life Insurance policy will have the specifics of the "Grace Period" that provides a cushion for you when you miss a payment. Look for the section in your life insurance policy that refers to "Grace Period" for more information on how the insurance company handles the grace period for missed payments.

Life Insurance companies usually want you to keep you life insurance policy. Their Grace Period is usually 30 to 60 days depending on the life insurance policy and the company.

Here's how you can learn what happens if you have a Lapsed Life Insurance Policy and what to do.

Who Has The Most Affordable Term Life Insurance?

When it comes to finding the most affordable term life insurance coverage there are several approaches you may take to compare rates and find the lowest priced policy.

1. You can contact a local life insurance agent, but if the agent represents only one insurance company you will only be given rates for that insurer.

2. You could contact individual life insurance carriers and request a quote from each of them.

3. Or, you could contact a life insurance broker which has access to a large network of high;y-rated, competitive insurance companies who can give you instant quote comparisons for term life insurance to help you quickly and easily find the most affordable term life insurance.

If you would prefer option #3, here's how you can learn more about an affordable term life insurance broker and compare instant term life insurance rates online now, without any delays or hassles.

Turned Down for Senior Life Insurance?

Are you a senior that's been turned down for life insurance?

If so, you may still be able to buy life insurance coverage.

In fact, MetLife offers seniors guaranteed issue life insurance protection for the rest of your life.

With MetLife you can buy up to $20,000 of permanent life insurance with no health exams and no questions about your health.

And, if you're age 45 to 75 you cannot be turned down due to your health.

You can get an instant quote and apply online for your senior life insurance policy today.

MetLife is a name you can trust to provide you with quality life insurance protection.

Request your free MetLife final expense life insurance quote online now.

Why Is Life Insurance Cheaper For Women?

On average, women have a longer life expectancy than men.

The longer a person is expected to live, the less the life insurance rate will be based on a level premium paid for your entire lifetime.

That means the insurer receives more premium payments for a longer number of years before paying out a death claim on a life insurance policy.

Life insurance companies start with average rates based on a person's gender, age and tobacco use and then underwrite individually based on risk factors including lifestyle, family health history, driving record and other risk factors to come up with a price based on those rates which may be better than average (preferred) or below average (substandard or rated).

The younger and healthier you are when buying life insurance, the lower your rate.

Basically, women tend to outlive men on average so their rate for the same type and amount of life insurance is lower.

Here's how you can compare life insurance rates online from several leading life insurance companies.