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Who offers Senior Life Insurance with No Exam?

When it comes to finding no exam life insurance for seniors you'll have several options to choose from including Colonial Penn, Mutual of Omaha, Globe Life and AARP/NewYork Life, among others.

Many senior life insurance plans have graded benefits that do not provide full coverage immediately. So make sure you find out when your full coverage begins - either immediately or after 2-3 hers of being insured.

Also, when comparing plans make sure you find out how ling your coverage is guaranteed, how long your rate is guaranteed to remain the same, and if the rate will ever increase.

Also, some carrier offer permanent life insurance for seniors, while other plans are temporary, prodding term life insurance for a set number of years.

Learn more about senior life insurance with no exam required.

How Do I Know How Much Life Insurance I Need?

To find out how much life insurance you need you can use a life insurance calculator.

You just answer some basic questions about your financial situation and your goals, and the calculator instantly gives you an accurate estimate of your personal life insurance needs.

Before buying your life insurance policy ,make sure you ask yourself - What do I want to accomplish with my life insurance?

Also, make sure to consider how much money you can afford to spend monthly on life insurance, an dhow many years you believe you will need life insurance protection to accomplish your goals.

What is the best life insurance company for seniors?

There is no one particular best life insurance company for all senior citizens because each insurer has their own set of pricing guidelines, as well as, the approval guidelines they use for accepting seniors for life insurance.

Some insurance companies may be more competitive on rates for seniors who smoke, are overweight, or have health issues, while other insurers may only want to insure seniors who do not smoke or have any chronic health ailments.

The best life insurance company for you will be the one that offers you the best price, best coverage, and pays a death claim upon your passing.

Some for he leading life insurance carriers for seniors include Colonial Penn, Mutual of Omaha, AARP/NewYork Life and Globe Life, among others.

It's important that you compare rates for life insurance from several insurance companies before choosing your plan because the life insurance can vary by insurer. Make sure you are comparing similar coverage.

Find out when your life insurance will begin with full coverage, how long your rate is guaranteed to remain level, how long you have coverage, and what exclusions may apply to your policy.

Here's how to find the best life insurance for seniors.

Can I get whole life insurance quotes with no medical exam?

Yes, you can get whole life insurance quotes online without any medical exams required.

Two types of no exam whole life insurance plans include the following:

1. Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance no exam coverage that offers up to $400,000 of whole life protection with only one premium payment.

2. Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance that offers up to $20,000 of permanent life insurance with no exam and no health questions. If you meet the age requirements you cannot be turned down for coverage.

Here's how you can learn more and get whole life insurance quotes with no medical exam.

Why does life insurance test your blood?

When you apply for a life insurance policy the life insurance company may require that you take a medical exam which is paid for by them.

The exam helps the insurance company to determine your health and how long you are expected to live based on your health information and test results, which may include testing your blood for any health problems.

The insurance company may want to check your blood for diabetes, high cholesterol, high protein levels, STD's, prescription drugs, and any illegal drugs which may include marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine, among other things.

However, there are life insurance plans that do not require any medical exams r testing of your blood.

Learn more about life insurance blood tests and what they look for.

How can I buy life insurance if I have been turned down for coverage?

I have already been turned down for life insurance by more than one company.

Is it possible for me to get insured?

Yes, there are plans that offer guaranteed approval and you cannot be turned down even for health reasons.

However, these plans usually have an age restriction.

For instance Met Life offers a guaranteed issue final expense life insurance plan for people age 45 to 75.

With MetLife there's no medical exam required and no health questions asked.

If you are between the ages of 45 to 75 you cannot be turned down due to your health problems.

And, MetLife's plan starts for as little as $10 per month depending on the amount of coverage you need.

You can choose from $2,500 up to $20,000 of guaranteed approval permanent life insurance.

To learn more visit MetLife Final Expense Insurance.

Does Term Life Insurance Decrease In Value?

No, a term life insurance policy does not usually decrease in value.

Most term life plans are level term life insurance meaning the amount of life insurance remains level throughout the "term" of your coverage, while the annual premiums stay the same each year.

Most people buy term life insurance with level term coverage where the premiums and amount of coverage remain level for the term of the policy which may be a period of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

Life insurance policies with a fixed premium and a decreasing amount of life insurance protection over the years are usually mortgage life insurance plans. These insurance policies are usually offered by banks and credit companies.

Learn more about level term life insurance plans and compare rates.

Life Insurance for Epilepsy?

Can someone with epilepsy get life insurance?

Yes, if you have epilepsy, you may still be able to qualify for life insurance coverage.

Some top insurers including West Coast Life, Banner Life, AIG, Transamerica, and Genworth offer life insurance for people with epilepsy.

However, whether or not you qualify for coverage will depend on your specific health and factors related to your epilepsy; such as, when you were first diagnosed, what medication you take, and other risk factors affecting your health and how your epilepsy is managed.

Here is an article explaining more about life insurance for epilepsy and providing several helpful resources for epilepsy.

What is Social Security Burial Insurance?

Social security burial insurance is a type of burial benefit provided by the Social Security Administration for people who have contributed to paying taxes for the required period of time over the life.

There is a one time lump sum payment made to those who qualify as spouse, dependent or child of a qualifying individual.

The money received from S.S.A. can be used to help pay the the burial costs of the person who has passed away.

In addition, there may be survivor benefits you are eligible for depending on how you are related to the deceased.

Here's how you can learn more about social security burial insurance benefits and access resources that can help you learn how to apply for benefits.

Why Do Life Insurance Rates Vary?

The rate you ay for life insurance is actually the rate charged per $1,000 of life insurance protection.

Your rate is based on several factors the insurance companies use to determine your life expectancy.

These rate factors include your health, age, lifestyle, tobacco use, driving record, height-to-weight, hobbies and occupation, among other things.

In addition, the type and amount of life insurance will impact your rate.

Finally, since each life insurance company as their own experience and expertise in underwriting certain classes of risk such as, seniors, diabetics, or people under the age of 40, they charge different amounts for these risks than other life insurance companies.

That's why it's so important to compare life insurance rates among several of the best life insurance companies when shopping for your life insurance plan.