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What are my options for Term Life Insurance?

I want to buy a term life policy but I;m not sure what types of plans are available?

Term life is temporary life insurance that lasts for a specific number of years.

Usually, you can choose coverage for a period of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

There's level term life insurance where you pay the same price each year for the length of your term.

And, with level term life you have the same amount of life insurance coverage for the entire term you are insured. The amount of life insurance doe snot decrease over time.

There are term life policies where you may have to take a physical exam to qaulify, but there are no exam term life policies that do not require you to take a physical exam.

And, some term life policies allow you to apply online and start your life insurance coverage the same day.

Learn more about your options for term life insurance today.

Do you have Senior Parents with No Life Insurance?

My parents are seniors over age 70 and do not have any life insurance to pay for their final expenses.

Is it possible to buy life insurance for them?

Yes, if you are an adult, you may purchase life insurance on your parents.

You have an insurable interest in your parents, and would be able to get life insurance policies on each of them.

If your parents have any health issues, you may want to consider a guaranteed issue life insurance policy for them because it guarantees all people age 45 to 85 will be accepted for coverage.

Learn more about how to buy life insurance for your parents.

What are Good Companies for Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

There are several good carriers offering guaranteed issue life insurance plans.

However, before comparing companies and pricing you may want to understand some key points.

1. If you meet the age requirements your approval is guaranteed.

2. The amount of coverage available may be limited to $25,000.

3. There are no health exams and no health questions asked.

4. Your coverage is limited the first two years you are insured under a guaranteed issue life insurance plans with graded death benefits.

Two of the leading providers of guaranteed acceptance life insurance are United of Omaha and Metlife.

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Can You Stop Term Life Insurance?

You can stop term life insurance in one of two different ways.

First, you could just stop paying your life insurance premiums.

The life insurance policy will go into it's grace period then lapsing after that, about 30 days of non-payment for your policy.

The second option is to write a letter to the life insurance company notifying them of your intentions to stop your coverage, and a date you choose for your life insurance coverage to end.

You will most likely pay more premiums when you go to apply for more life insurance in the future.

Also, insurability could be an issue if your health is worse at the time of application or the history has issues in it.

So, you may or may not be able to qualify for life insurance at some point in the future, if you need it again, and it will likely cost you more at that time.

Life Insurance without Medical Questions

How can I get life insurance without answering any health questions?

There are a couple ways to get life insurance without any health questions.

First, there's accidental death insurance which offers up to $1,000,000 of life insurance coverage for accidental death online. With this type of plan you answer no health questions and there's no medical exam.

Another option is guaranteed approval life insurance that offers up to $25,000 of lifetime life insurance protection without any health exam or health questions asked.

And, if you're age 45 to 85, you are guaranteed approval for guaranteed acceptance life insurance.

Learn more about getting life insurance without medical questions.

Term Life Insurance with No Exam

Is there term life available with no exam?

Yes, there are term life insurance policies that offer coverage without the applicant having to take a physical examination to qualify for coverage.

In fact, some insurers offer instant issue life insurance policies without any exams.

This means, you can apply online for your term life policy and start your life insurance coverage the very same day, if you qualify.

Your approval is based on your answers to some health questions, your age, and any other available underwriting information the insurer can access without an exam.

Some term life no exam policies offer you the option of purchasing from $25,000 up to $350,000 of level term life insurance with coverage available for a term of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

Here's how you can learn more about buying term life insurance with no exam online today.

Who is the beneficiary in burial insurance for children?

Burial insurance is a small life insurance policy (typically $5,000 to $25,000) designed to cover the costs of a funeral and burial related expenses.

For a child's life insurance policy, parents are usually listed as beneficiaries because to the policy they are the actual owners of the life insurance policy; however, anyone the owners see fit can be designated as beneficiary.

When the child reaches adulthood, the parents may choose to transfer ownership of the life insurance policy to the adult child, who may then choose to change the beneficiary of the life insurance policy.

Learn more about burial life insurance for children.

Is United Of Omaha Life Insurance A Good Company?

Yes, United of Omaha Life Insurance Company is a Good insurance Company.

United of Omaha is an affiliate of Mutual of Omaha, which was established in 1909.

Mutual of Omaha is rated A+ by AM Best, A1 by Moody's, and A+ by Standard & Poor's.

United of Omaha has some excellent life insurance products for persons of most types of health and age groups.

United of Omaha also offers a guaranteed issue whole life insurance policy for people age 45 to 85. There are no health exams required and no health questions asked, and you cannot be turned down for coverage.

Learn more about United of Omaha Life Insurance.

Life Insurance for Your Parents

Do you have parents that are retired and in need of life insurance protection to help pay for their final expense,s including the cost of a funeral and burial expenses?

If so, you may be able to purchase life insurance on your parents today.

That's right.

Adult children have an insurable interest in their parents because they may be responsible for paying for their parents' final expenses.

One way to help provide the funds to pay those final expenses is to purchase life insurance on your parents.

Today, there are guaranteed issue life insurance plans available for people age 45 to 85. And, if your parents meet those age requirements, they cannot be turned down for the life insurance coverage they need.

You can get an instant quote and apply online in a matter of minutes for this guaranteed issue life insurance coverage for your parents.

There's no health examination required and no health questions asked.

It's safe, secure and easy to get your parents life insurance coverage today.

Here's how to buy life insurance for your parents.

How long can I get term life insurance coverage?

If you're looking for a term life insurance policy to protect your family, you do have several options as to how long your coverage may last.

Term life plans usually offer you from 5 up to 30 years of life insurance.

However, the most common "term" options available for term life coverage are 10, 15, 20 and 30 years.

The term your choose will determine how long you have life insurance for, and your premiums will remain level (the same) each year for the duration of your term.

Also, the amount of life insurance you have from your policy will remain level throughout the term of your term life policy.

The shorter your term, the lower your annual premium for coverage.

However, in case your financial needs may increase overt imd, you may want to choose a longer term to make sure you have the coverage in place when you need it most.

In addition, there are no exam term life insurance plans that do not require you to take a medical exam to qualify, and these plans may offer terms of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years life insurance protection.

Learn more about level term life insurance today.


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