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Do Children Need Life Insurance?

Buying a life insurance policy for children guarantees their insurability when they’re young and healthy and into the future with the lowest rate for life insurance possible.

Certain child life insurance policies might even be paid, not requiring further premiums, by the time they reach adulthood.

Should something happen to your children, life insurance proceeds can cover the debt of unpaid student loans and final expenses.

Life insurance is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your child or grandchild, since it guarantees their insurability for their own family in the future, builds cash value, and locks-in a low rate for coverage.

Learn more about children's life insurance coverage.

Life Insurance Medical Exams - What to Expect?

If I choose a life insurance policy which requires me to take a medical exam, what can I expect from the medical exam?

Typically, you can expect to answer several questions about your family’s health history along with your own health history.

You can also expect a physical exam which may include you being measured, weighed, and have your blood pressure taken.

The paraded examiner may also take blood and urine samples if required by the life insurance company.

All of the test results and health information gathered along with your age and gender are taken into consideration to determine which rate class you belong in for pricing your life insurance policy.

The medical exam results will help the insurer determine if they should insure you for life insurance and what price to charge for your coverage.

Learn more about life insurance medical exams.

I am healthy, young, and single. Do I really need life insurance?

This is the best time for you to purchase a life insurance policy - while you are young and healthy.

While the odds are in your favor that you will continue to live for a much longer lifespan, now is the time in your life when you will be able to purchase life insurance for a much lower premium than if you wait until you feel that you need life insurance at some point in the future.

In addition, if you have any dependents in your future - a spouse and children, you will have the low rate locked-in and guaranteed coverage.

And, with life insurance, your premiums cannot be increased even if you suffer from a health problem in the future.

Learn more about life insurance for single people.

Is the beneficiary taxed on the provides of my life insurance?

No, 100% of the proceeds from your life insurance death benefit are non taxable to the beneficiary.

The proceeds form a life insurance death benefit are neither capital gains or income.

However, you may want to review the taxation of any life insurance proceeds with your tax professional and your financial planner so you are completely familiar with the handling of your estate and any life insurance policies you have should you pass away.

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What is Convertible Term Insurance?

This is a term life insurance policy that can be changed to whole life insurance or permanent life insurance at the end of the term without having to provide further medical evidence.

So, you can switch your coverage from temporary life insurance to guaranteed lifetime life insurance protection without having to take any physical examination.

Learn more about how convertible term insurance works.

What length of term life insurance should I choose?

Most life insurance companies offer term life insurance for a duration of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

As a general rule, if you are younger, you will probably want to choose a longer term for your policy. If you are closer to retirement, a shorter term may be more appropriate since you may have financial responsibilities that are becoming less each year.

The main goal when choosing a life insurance policy period (term) is to protect your loved ones if an unexpected death occurs.

People also buy life insurance to cover the cost of their final expenses, such as burial and funeral costs, and estate taxes.

Learn more about term life insurance lengths of term.

What about Life Insurance Companies that advertise "No Exams"?

There are several insurance companies that offer life insurance coverage with no health examination required.

However, these plans usually limit the amount of life insurance available to around $400,000 or less.

In addiiton, the price you pay may be higher due to no exam which means they may accept some applicants who may not otherwise qualify for life insurance - so they have to charge a higher rate.

However, there's no exam but a few health questions asked, which means you may get approved for life insurance the same day you apply - instead of waiting weeks to find out if you qualify after taking a health exam.

Here's how to learn more about life insurance companies with no exams.

Shopping for Term Life Insurance

Are you shopping for a term life insurance policy?

If so, there are a few tips you may want to follow to find an affordable plan form a highly-rated insurer.

1. Choose the "term" (duration) that meets your personal needs - from 10 years to 30 years.

2. Consider level term life insurance which is the most popular type of term policy offering level premiums and level coverage.

3. Make sure the policy offers renewability - which means you can renew your coverage for another term when your original plan expires.

4. Compare pricing among several insurance carriers because rates vary by insurer.

Learn more about level term life insurance coverage.

Which Life Insurance Policy is Right for You – 10, 15, 20 or 30 Year Term Length?

If you're shopping for life insurance you may be wondering which type of plan is right for you - how long do I need life insurance?

Well, that depends on what goal you are trying to accomplish with your life insurance.

If you need protection for your mortgage maybe a 30 year term life policy will help.

Or, if you need life insurance until the kids are out of college maybe a 20 year term life plan is right for you.

Or maybe you need life insurance until your auto loan or college loan is paid off - so maybe a 5 or 10 year term life policy will do.

Make sure to consider your goals and match the length of your term life policy with the longest duration of the goals you want to accomplish.

Learn more about term life insurance policies.

How much does Mortgage Insurance Cost?

What does it cost to purchase mortgage insurance?

The price you pay for a mortgage insurance policy depends on your specific needs.

There re several factors that impact your cost of mortgage insurance including the amount of coverage you need and for how many years.

In addition, your personal risk factors impact your premium for mortgage life insurance including your age, gender, health, family health history, lifestyle, tobacco use, height-to-weight ratio, occupation, hobbies, driving record, etc.

The longer you are expected to live (life expectancy), the lower the cost of your mortgage insurance.

You may select coverage for a term (duration) of 15, 20 or 30 years to match the duration of your home mortgage loan.

Here's how you can compare mortgage life insurance quotes online in just a few minutes.

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