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How does life insurance on a mortgage work?

If you have life insurance on a mortgage you would purchase the amount of life insurance protection to pay off the entire amount of your outstanding mortgage loan.

So, if you have a mortgage of $250,000 - you would purchase $250,000 of mortgage term life insurance for a term (duration) that would last the entire length of time your mortgage lasts - usually 15, 20 or 30 years.

If you pass away during the term of your mortgage, the life insurance policy would pay a death benefit to the beneficiary of your policy who could use the money to pay off the mortgage loan.

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Single Parent Life Insurance

Does a single parent need life insurance?

Yes, if you are a single parent on you have a minor child that relies on you for financial support, you may need life insurance.

How would your child survive financially if you were no longer alive to provide for him or her?

Life insurance can help to replace your income and provide your child with the money needed to pay for living expenses, a college education, and all of the costs related to raising a child that you would no longer be there to pay for if you passed away.

It is recommended to use a life insurance needs calculator to determine how much life insurance you may need to provide for your family.

What is the best life insurance for seniors over 60?

I'm over age 60 and want to buy life insurance - what is the best type of policy to buy?

That depends on your situation and what goals you want your life insurance policy to accomplish.

Ask yourself these questions - how long do you need life insurance, why are you buying coverage, and what can you afford to pay? Also, how much life insurance do you need?

If you need life insurance for 30 years or less, then a level term life insurance policy may offer the best fit for your needs, providing the most coverage at the lowest cost.

Term life offers you affordable life insurance with coverage available for a period of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

If you need guaranteed lifetime life insurance protection, a permanent life insurance policy may fit your needs.

Here's how to find the best life insurance for seniors over 60.

Can I Get a Fast Life Insurance Policy?

Yes, there are instant issue life insurance plans that can provide you with fast life insurance coverage.

However, it will depend on your age and health as to whether or not you qualify for fast life insurance protection.

Some carriers offer up to $350,000 of instant term life insurance coverage with no exams required.

You can get an instant quote and apply online for your life insurance policy.

If you are approved, you may start your life insurance policy right away.

Keep in mind, there is a money back guarantee as required by the state in which you live.

Some of these no exam life insurance plans offer coverage for people age 20 to 60, while other plans offer guaranteed approval for people age 45 to 85, but with much lower amounts of life insurance available.

Here's how you can buy a fast life insurance policy today.

High Risk Life Insurance with No Medical Exam

Is it possible for high risk people to get life insurance with no medical exam?

Yes, there are no exam life insurance policies available for high risk people.

These plans are called "guaranteed issue" life insurance and offer up to $25,000 of life insurance without any health exams or health questions asked.

If you meet the age requirements you are guaranteed acceptance and cannot be turned down due to health problems.

Here's how to get guaranteed issue life insurance coverage online.

Life Insurance No Doctor Visit?

Can I buy a life insurance policy without having to go visit the doctor and take an examination?

Yes, you may be able to purchase life insurance without any doctor visits.

In fact, some carriers offer instant approval life insurance with no exams.

You may start your coverage the same day you apply online, if you are approved based on the answers to the health questions asked on the online application.

One carrier offers up to $499,000 of no exam life insurance and others offer up to $350,000 of coverage with no exam. You may purchase no exam life insurance policies form more than one insurance company.

Here's how to buy life insurance with no doctor visit.

Purchase life insurance for a grandchild?

Can I purchase a life insurance policy for my grandchild?

Yes, if you are a grandparent you may buy life insurance coverage on your grandchild.

You as the owner would pay for the life insurance and choose the beneficiary of the policy.

When your grandchild turns age 18 or 21, you may want to transfer ownership of the life insurance over to him or her.

A child life insurance policy can be very affordable with coverage starting at just $1 for the first month and maybe a few dollars per month thereafter..

Some insurers offer up to $30,000 of life insurance on children.

A children's whole life insurance policy can build up some cash value inside the policy which may be used for a loan if needed in the future.

Also, it provides guaranteed lifetime life insurance protection as long as the premiums are paid.

In addition, child life insurance policies may allow your grandchild to add additional coverage when reaching adulthood.

Here's how to buy life insurance for your grandchild.

Life insurance quotes comparison?

What is a life insurance quotes comparison?

It's a comparison of prices for life insurance coverage from several different insurance companies.

When you request a life insurance quotes comparison online you visit a life insurance quote provider, fill out a quote request form stating how much life insurance you need, and you instantly receive the lowest prices for the life insurance you want.

The quotes are provided by a network of insurers and they are listed in descending order with the lowest prices first.

Your quote comparison will state the name of the insurer, the financial rating of the insurer, the amount of life insurance, the cost for the life insurance, and your payment options (annual, monthly, etc.)

By comparing quotes for life insurance you can quickly and easily find the lowest prices on the life insurance you need from the most financially secure insurance companies.

Here's how you can get your life insurance quotes comparison online now.

How to Get life insurance online now?

How do I get insured for life insurance today?

There are life insurance plans available that offer instant approval for people who qualify for coverage.

These instant life insurance policies do not require any health exam, but they do ask you some health questions to determine if you qualify.

And, you may receive approval in as little as 15 minutes. Once approved, you can start your life insurance coverage immediately.

You can choose from $25,000 up to $350,000 of level term life insurance with coverage for a term of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

Your premiums will remain the same each year for the entire term of your policy.

And, there's a money-back guarantee.

Here's how you can get life insurance online now.

Cheapest Life Insurance Coverage

How can I find the cheapest life insurance coverage?

There are several tips you may want to follow in order to find the cheapest life insurance plan.

First, if you need life insurance protection for a period of 30 years or less, then a term life insurance policy may cost you much less money compared to a permanent life insurance plan.

Next, there are several ways to find the lowest price, but the quickest and easiest way may be to compare multiples life insurance rate quotes online from a life insurance quote provider with access to a large network of highly-rated insurance carriers.

Also, your premiums will be higher the longer you wait to purchase your life insurance, since rates increase with age, that's why you'll want to Lock-In a lower rate now, instead of waiting.

Here's some more tips for finding the cheapest life insurance coverage.

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